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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor Feb 4, 2012 8:40 AM Flag

    cksgo2 and wired-up!

    cksgo2--you said:

    "How does it feel to be wrong all the"


    My homebuilders and Banks that I bought after the Bust of 2005/2006 are CRUSHING CY PERCENTAGE WISE!!!


    Mighty CY--the DARLING OF THE "Touchy-majigy-thingies" is on life-support.

    Wired-up bet me in the 2nd half of 2011 CY would out perform my homebuilders(LEN, PHM, HOV, KBH, TOL, DHI, RYL)---my banks(BAC, C, BBT,WFC, AGO!)

    ROFLMFAO--it's nice to be wrong sometimes!

    Happily I did not purchase any CY that has plunged from 23.95 to 18!!! And that was after 5 straight quarters of BLOWOUT EVERYTHING!!

    Go join your arogant buddy---BOSSE! ROFLMFAO!

    That fat, arogant boy, the KING OF LONG TERM CY LOVERS, sold it all at around 16 when he should have listened to me an gotten out at 23.95!

    From the Pink Flamingo, where Absolut flows eternally!


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    • You better check your percentage gains since 2008 / 2009 time frame. Even though your a lonely engineer you can figure out that CY climb to 18.00 from 3.50 wins out against any of your so called buys.
      BAC has dropped over 50% since the beginning of 2011. So if your going to compare CY 23.00 dollar high- well you do the math. I would name others but why waste my time on a nit- wit like you.

      Seems to me bosse said he sold in the 18s- so I would say his long term hold worked out better than any investment you made- but he can post towards that if he wants to stoop down to your lonely pathetic level.
      You are a joke and everybody on this board knows it.
      Your absence from the board last month was welcome- people actually thought you died- to bad you didn't.

      • 1 Reply to wiredup06
      • ROFLMFAO!

        What's 2008/2009 got to do with anything--YOUR BET WAS FROM THE LAST HALF OF 2011 to 12/31/11!!!!

        I made over 200% on my Cerner Corp!!! ROFLMFAO!

        The Banks and Home Owners--are currently TROUNCEING CY! Remember--wiredup--they are the dogs of the Stock Market!!!

        Also remember--CY is coming off the best 5 quarters in their HISTORY! And what happens--their stock plummets from 23.95 to 13's last year!

        BOTTOM LINE!

        CY's best times are behind them--the Banks and Home Builders best times are ahead of them!

        As for bosse's sale at 18---he's full of it too--anyone can report results looking into the past--he never posted any of his trades in real time!

        Go squat on your POT and take some Castor Oil--and as far as my health is concerned---you only wish you could keep up with me!!


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