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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor Mar 7, 2012 6:50 AM Flag

    I have told this Board for a year--

    WHO IS GOING TO BUY THE "Touchy-thinga-majigs?????" Brad told you yesterday----!!!! So, keep listening to Brad---!!! ROFLMFAO!

    And you financial dopes believe this is a one quarter "bust!" ROFLMFAO at that too.

    It's the same thing they told you when it went from 58 to 3 in the Tech Bust!!

    CY has different faces but the "culture" is the same!

    The CY Lovers have different faces too--but their culture is the same as the faces during the Tech Bust!

    Double down!


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    • So you have told this board for a year... So what??????? ?

      Anybody that takes advice from an anonymous poster on a message board is truly looney tunes. I have seen the same statement made on other message boards.

      "I have been telling this board for a year"

      As if that fact gives credulity to the poster. It does not!. This is a friken message board for gosh sakes. every body should do their own Due Diligence and NEVER make any decision about a stock based on a post made on a message board!!!!

      the prussian

    • everyone should rejoice...the loader this loser barks...the more likely this thing is bottoming out...even though i think hes not the real leo/buckwheat...the rederick is the same...some losers are also great contrarians...and this guy fits the bill...the chart appears to be doing a double bottom...also the dividend has reduced the volitility...justa thought

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