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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor Mar 9, 2012 3:11 PM Flag

    Entry Point??? ROFLMFAO!

    My dear friend--since when did Dividends correlate with Stock Prices???

    WHEN CY WENT TO $58 it paid ZERO dividend! ROFLMFAO!

    How long have you traded stocks anyway??

    IF NOBODY BUYS THE PRODUCTS A COMPANY PRODUCES THE STOCK PRICE WILL DECLINE!! That's why the stock declined earlier this week--the demand is drying up and CY management missed it!


    JESUS-what financial idiots on this Board!


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    • Your logic is flawed. Of course a stock can go up w/out a dividend, but to say a dividend doesn't provide some price support is just absurd. High yielding dividends increase share demand and reduce downside price risk. For you to not understand this basic concept tells me you indeed are a fool.

      You asked how long I've been an investor: I began trading in 1983. I've had good and better years and have never endured a lengthy losing streak, unlike you with your banking and housing stocks.

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      • You are still wet behind the ears.

        I did not buy my Banks and Home Builders BEFORE THE FINANCIAL BUST--I predicted the Housing Bust on this Board LONG, LONG before you ever heard of CY! ROFLMFAO.

        I bought them at or near their lows and I am currently making money hand over fist on them. Each and every company I have posted on this Board--!!!

        So far in 2012 my Banks and Homebuilders have FAR, FAR outperformed CY---!!!!! And CY has had 5 BLOWOUT QUARTERS--and the Banks and Homebuilders are still in the basement so to speak.

        Get lost--!

        You need to lecture CKSGO2, wired-up, and Bosse and RRealtyPro! ROFLMFAO!

        The Mayor drinking Absolut and headed for the Pink Flamingo!


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