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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor May 11, 2012 5:04 PM Flag

    Federal Reserve/FDIC/SEC ??????

    Yes, it is a "scarey" atmosphere in Big Banks!

    I'm thinking BBT does run a tight ship--Mr. King seems to be on top of everything.

    What is more "scarey" to me is that the "regulators" are always one step behind---never one step ahead. I had always thought that Ms. Baer at the FDIC was a great manager--but this recent 2 billion hic-up makes me wonder!

    I think the Fed has been buying stock the last few days----one day the Home Builders go up; the Banks go down---the next day it's just the opposite!


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    • It's not only banks who are gambling but insurance companies. Prudential (PRU) lost almost $3 billion in playing with Japanese Yen. The stock went from it's high of 61 to under 50 in a little over one week. I don't know if anyone saw it coming.

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      • Mrs. Bair has nothing to do with a trading loss by an investment bank. Nor does she have anything to do with trading PROFITS.

        The FDIC is concerned with depositors funds, which were not involved here. Deposits by retail customers are at Chase Bank, not at JPM`s trading desk. Get an effin clue.

      • Oh, and yoo hoo! With the fed`s zero interest rate policy, banks and insurance companies HAVE to gamble to make money. Just like retail investors. At my age, I`d rather be in bonds, CDs and MMs, but they pay nothing so I have to be in stocks. I`m sure PRU would rather have been in bonds than yen, but they can`t get any income on bonds unless they buy "B" and CCC junk.

    • I thought you were gun-ho on the your running you still think weve going to dow 5000...just make it a double...and stop preaching your real-time trades...camel doo is no good for you !!!

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