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  • tim2172 tim2172 Aug 1, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

    Craig T.

    Hello Craig. Did you ever pull trigger on STX? what a fire sale a few weeks back in low $20's. Back above $30, (4+% divi yield with recent boost to 32 cents per qtr). I unloaded about 1/3 of my position now as macro is kinda scary. Coming to MB to play golf September 14-16...see ya' at the Flamingo lol!!!!

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    • Hi Tim-I'm not buying at this time. Anything! I have some good dividend payers at this time and most all companies are increaseing their dividends. I have STX on my Watch List---but I must say I am not impressed. Back in 1999 I owned it just before the Tech Bust.

      The reason I like banks/homebuilders now is I think the US Treasury and Federal Reserve understand that these two sectors MUST remain "intact!" They are buying and selling them to see that they remain viable! If the banks/homebuilders go "belly up" then the whole world will collapse.

      A company like CY the Fed and Treasury don't even care what they make--in other words they are expendable.

      I have not been to Litchfield Golf and Beach Resort in two summers now----I get a lot of "Specials" from them so I assume they are hurting for customers too! If possible go to a Restaurant called "Franks" and get the "outside" seating----It's on the North Entrance to Pawleys Island and Highway #17. Great atmosphere and food----no lap dancers though---but some pretty waitresses!!

      I do not see the Stock Market doing much for the rest of this decade!!!! It's gonna be "up and down" with NO GROWTH for some years. Grin and bear it!!!!

      Have fun and Happy Hunting! :-)


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      • hey fat head...toss one down for me...and when you leave your bar...dont let the door hit you on the way out...why dont you crawl under a table for the next ten will probally be dead by then

      • Yes, STX's revenue guidance for next qtr @ $4B concerns me a little. But if macro gets 'em, it'll take them all down...banks, homebuilders, tech. Banks just can't make $$ with no interest rate out there (except for the ones stealing it on Wall St. I mean).

        I assume we're staying at Barefoot Resort again this year. Dinner 1 night at Greg Norman's, probably other night at Liberty Steak House. Lotsa pretty waitresses/bartenders at Norman's.

        Probably will lighten up on STX shares more as/if it runs up from here. See ya later.

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