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  • your_village_idiot_mayor your_village_idiot_mayor Dec 25, 2012 6:49 PM Flag

    It did not happen!!

    The Tablet Sales that a lot of "dummies" predicted for Christmas sales DID NOT HAPPEN!!

    The pre-Christmas sales were predicted to be 3 to 4%!!

    They came in at .7%!!

    Mr. Essay--so far nothing you have predicted has happened!

    Go some where you are needed--like Squeaking Alpha!!

    Your Mayor CBS/cbs

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Nothing I predicted has happened? What about buying low and selling high and making money in this stock? I said I would do that and I did that. I sold...while you were posting negative stuff on this board and making NO MONEY.

      So....who is the dope? Remember...never get emotionally tied to a stock. You HATE this company, which means you will never make money with this company. That is why you fail and will always fail.

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      • your_village_idiot_mayor your_village_idiot_mayor Dec 26, 2012 7:52 AM Flag

        Show me your trades bimarc!! Post them on this Board when you Buy--and when you Sell! You don't need to Post the total amount of money--just Post in REAL TIME when you buy and when you Sell!

        You are correct that I made "NO MONEY" in CY! I have not owned ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS of CY in many, many years. I did buy CY in the late 1990's before the Tech Bust at an average between the 9's and 11's and I sold those shares just before the Tech Bust in the mid and high 40's! EVERY SINGLE TRADE IN REAL TIME REPORTED ON THIS BOARD!

        I do not "HATE" CY---I do question their "hype" and "deception" sometimes when they report their numbers--but HATE?? NO!

        I have predicted on this Board to buy Homebuilders/Banks for over a year now--and those Sectors are so far ahead of CY the past year it's pitiful! I'll Post on 12/31/2012 the comparison of Homebuilders/Banks versus CY for year 2012 and you will find that you are STILL THE BIGGEST DOPE OF ALL!

        Your Mayor-CBS/cbs

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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