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  • your_village_idiot_mayor your_village_idiot_mayor Feb 12, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    DOW and S&P Close at 5 year HIGHS!

    And CY??? ROFLMFAO!

    CY Lovers are Neanderthals! What a bunch of Over Educated Chimps!



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    • now is our turn !

    • In real $, DOW and S&P down 50%.
      Gas doubled, milk more than doubled; medical/thealth care and college all through roof, but DOW and S&P only back to where they were. Credit Ben.

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      • your_village_idiot_mayor your_village_idiot_mayor Feb 24, 2013 8:49 AM Flag

        zcecile-you are correct that Ben is responsible for the items that doubled in price!

        However, he should also get the credit for "saving" the Banks/Hombuilder and the US Economy.

        You were not around for the Great Depression of the 1930's --- I was. Had Mr. Bernanke tightened the Fed Funds Rate--rather rather than put it zero %---the outcome this time would Crashed the markets just as the 1930's Crashed the markets!!

        Don't forget---Mr Greenspan and Bush Jr. and Chaney Doo-Doo put the Fed fund rate at 1% to get Bush Jr. re-elected in 2004--and that is what triggered the largest Home Building in the History of the World--and that spilled over into the Banks that were begging customers to "come borrow our money!"

        Your Village Idiot Mayor--CBS/cbs, BBM/bbm

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      • Hopefully this week we will pass the $11/pps and head to $20 by end of the year.

    • What if I bought today ? lol - CEO gets a little bit over-cofident now and then but he believes heartely that public ownership of stock means a company should pay out money to shareholders via re-purchases and dividends.

      He's upfront about deserving a full slice of the pie for his efforts (not half the pie though).

      In the past he hasn't been terribly bashful noting that a higher stock price means a lower expectation for returns from buyers; buy a bond for twice face and you get a quarter of the return you would if you bought it for 1/4 face value (( simplified to avoid some of the time value of money and recursive nature of it) .

      At this price, there is huge upside and little downside as there is a core of operations that would justify this value without the others that swing between wildly profitable and showing paper losses.

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      • I'm in the same boat on this stock, but not quite as positive. I think they dropped the ball at a few points over the last year and it's costing them at this point; probably will through the remainder of the year until their next cycle gains momentum. I've been watching this company for awhile now and it appears to have slowly but surely improved. I think TJ/BOD may finally be getting the people, strategies, and mindset that will allow Cypress to finish becoming a fully mature and competent company.

        I'll admit that I'm remaining in the hold crowd for now, but if I had spare cash to gamble with I'd pick up some in the 10s, and would be happy to drop some $ into the mid-9s, and 8s would be a steal. If things go as expected, I'll probably be a buy somewhere in late-Q2 to early-Q3.

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