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  • mikedespot mikedespot Jul 29, 2000 2:58 PM Flag

    Margin Call

    %^%# i just got a margin call from Datek! I have
    3 business days to send $960.00(which I don't have)
    or they may liquidate some of my stock! I guess if
    the stock goes up between now and Wednesday maybe
    I'll be saved. Any ideas?

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    • If you do get a cash advance to pay off the margin call. You then have time to pay off your credit card when the stock comes back whick should be real soon!!!!! Good Luck

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      • Unfortunately, when I loosed my job my credit
        went to hell, the $4000 I got for my trading capital
        is from my fianc?e', who would kill me if she knew
        what was going on. I don't have a credit card. Before
        CY I made $1000 on my $4000 trading capital in just
        over a month! Pretty good I think. Now I'm well below
        what I started out with, thanks to CY. This really
        sucks. I don't even tell friends and family any more if
        I made money or not from day to day. The reason I
        don't tell any more because I found out that if I make
        money, then I'm smart investor, but if I loose money
        then I'm a dumb gambler.

    • You are correct... wait it out for the stock to
      rise and the call to disappear or else sell some
      shares. I had to sell some of my ELON shares once just a
      week before she took off on super news. I still won
      big in the end. $960 is no big deal... I sold 5500
      shares of AVX on Thursday at a whopping $30,000 loss! No
      paper loss there... that was a REAL loss. My new CY
      shares will recoup that loss though. Of that I'm "sure."
      TIM <smile>

      • 1 Reply to lowprsure
      • I think we may be coming from two different
        realities. I'm probably the poorest trader/investor here. I
        only have 150 shares of CY (I bought at 53 7/16 long),
        but it is my entire portfolio and all of my money(I
        know, stupid to put all of my eggs in one basket, but I
        was doing quit well until I got involved with CY). I
        only made $4000 last year at my business (I'm self
        employed since I lost my CDL due to a DUI). So you have to
        compare my loses as a percentage to my annual income and
        the fact I only have 150 shares to make up any lose
        due to a sell off to cover the call. For every $1 CY
        gains I will only gain $150. Does CY have to go up
        $6.50 or so by Wednesday to cover the $960.00 Datek
        wants to cover the call? Or if only goes up a little
        will they leave me alone?

    • it is in the 35-40 range from now on. bye

15.16Mar 3 4:00 PMEST

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