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  • onemagician onemagician Aug 1, 2000 4:28 PM Flag

    Here's my view.......

    post on the NITE board.. Looking to acquire some
    NITE but it looks as if it may be headed to the low
    $20's ($23 - $24)......

    Another company with
    great fundamentals but for whatever reason is getting
    beat up................

    Time maybe to turn the
    computer off and come back later in the year????

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    • short-term and some for long-long term hold back
      to 60+ range but ready to back up near 23-24 (nite),
      just like with cy near 32. if the naz takes a crap
      back near the 3200-3400 range then i feel those levels
      will be tested for each stock

      jumped 100% into mid-cap growth fund so I expect market
      to gear up for a bounce to 4200-4400 level and nite
      and cy should meet my goals as we get ready for the
      greenspam strip tease show.

      I am also looking for
      entry in AMD tomorrow @ 61-63 for ride to 90's
      dell near 38-40 for ride back to mid 50's. and wcom
      near 36 (which i missed) for ride to 48 range and LOW
      near 40 for ride to 60 (longer term here) and maybe
      tomorrow QQQ near 84 for ride to 100.

      Right now is
      the time to start accumulating. Fear is setting in,
      not for me. I dont have large capital but I am doing
      okay percentage wise and looking to settle into some
      nice positons to hold throughout the fall

      but holds sometimes only last 2 weeks with some of
      these stocks. CY, NITE, AMD, XIRC are all value plays
      with good risk/reward entries. Once the money flows in
      these stocks will shoot. go cy

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