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  • hillbillyinvestor hillbillyinvestor Feb 25, 2002 12:49 PM Flag

    Snuffy and Kg

    You guys need to settle down a little. This is beginning to look like some of the boards when the bubble was bursting. I know you guys don't dislike each other because you don't even know each other.

    I enjoy slamming someone on the board everyonce in a while and get slammed back too but I try not to take it personally. Most of these posts are for entertainment anyway. No-one, and I repeat NO-ONE, should be using advice on this or any board for investment decisions. The one way I use the board is to sometimes come out with a radical statement just to see the other side of the argument. I learn things that way.

    Speaking of BTGC, I really believe we'll see at least $14 in the next year and a half and that's more than double you money from here. At one time I believed in $20. The technicals were set up for it but that was then and this is now.

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    • Don't look now, but the bubble is bursting.

    • Not sure what you mean by settling down or taking things personal. I've tried to maintain at least some level of decorum. I usually refrain from sustained flame wars, but if someone wants to throw mud, I don't mind deflecting it back at 'em. Also, in any kind of discussion, I try to state my point rather plainly, but that sometimes requires more words than most folks put into their posts. If that comes across to some as being over-heated, I would offer that such conclusion is more an indictment of the reader, than the poster.

      If'fn you go back and look, my first repsonse to mr. kg was not much a slam; in fact, I pretty much put on the kid gloves. I do get tired, however, of folks who see their stock prices melting, and instead of trying to learn from their mistakes, start blaming the evil executives, market makers, gubmint, or whoever. If folks took responsibility for their own actions, the world would be a little better place.

      If you're here for entertainment, you should be able to find plenty. Me, I look for an honest exchange of ideas that may lead to some enlightentment about this company or that, or maybe about the economy or the market in general.