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  • dhohhi dhohhi Feb 25, 2002 6:30 PM Flag

    Snuffy and Kg

    All you do is bitch about buying at $16 ... look at the chart, you could have sold at $20 or $21. 25%-30% profit. But just like Snuffy points out ... you apparently choose to not lower your cost basis. Double your position now and you'd have a cost basis of $10+. I rarely post here anymore due to the whining ... take responsibility for YOUR actions ... I doubt anyone put a gun to your head to buy BTGC.

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    • dhohhi,

      You've fallen into the very trap Snuffy's laid out for you (me).

      1) About a year ago I got in a posting match (probably snuffy again) re how few opportunities we've had in 4 years to sell at $16 price. I backed that up by researching Yahoo stock price history. Do a little yourself.
      2) I choose to "not lower my cost basis" because I don't want to own this stock. It's a small time trader - nothing more. My original reasons for buying it were false.
      3) The way I take resp for my actions is by sharing my factual experience owning BTGC over 4 years. Complaining is in order and until BTGC takes more to heart loud & clear that it's shareholder(s) are disgruntled and leaving the ship and why, nothing will change.
      5) I bought over 4 years ago which, instead of challenging me, you might start listening to.