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  • kg2931 kg2931 Mar 10, 2003 10:54 PM Flag

    BTGC - lack of PR

    Haven't poked my head in here for a while so:

    - BTGC continues to not be recognized on the 'street' because BTGC continues to not do any PR that might draw investors in. BTGC mgmt could care less about it's investors and/or getting more investment dollars. Been that way for years, probably stay that way.

    - I'm against this BTGC lawsuit, just for the record.

    - Sure are a lot of lawyers on this board! Where'd they all come from???

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    • Its not a lack of PR

      Its a lack of earnings growth
      Its a lack of follow through with achievement of new product development milestones despite things having been hyped over and voer again in the past.
      These two factors have now been going on for years.
      NO AMOUNT of good "PR" can cause the stock price to go up unless that PR were to consist of fraudulently misrepresenting the company's prospects.