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    • If the extra 6 million are underwater options
      then perhaps we may have a upside surprise in Q1
      results. If the stock fluctuates in the 6-7 area I assume
      that total shares outstanding for Q1 would be 48-49
      million. That would mean another penny in EPS ... in other
      words if they make 0.08 (based on 54 million shares)
      that would translate into 0.09 with the lower number
      of shares outstanding.

      When I called Leah
      last Friday I had to call up to NY office ... I do
      hope they get something lined up soon for the wound
      care possibilities. I think that can play a bigger
      role in EPS this year than the Merrill Lynch analyst
      is building into his model. That 3/21 post from
      Bloomberg is likely a "late" post from his 3/19 research
      report. In any event you can sign up for free research
      reports with Merrill for some period of time. If you
      haven't read the report I'd suggest you do so ... it was
      reasonably thorough and the wound care market is bigger than
      I thought. I think the Merrill web site is:

    • If the strike prices of those options are
      underwater, why not excercising the options and wait for the
      market share price to rise and then sell? Insiders then
      wouldn�t let the options expire.

      Please explain
      with details

    • Below are several comments:

      - The 6
      million extra shares are probably the stock options that
      are below the market price when fully diluted
      earnings per share are calculated. As per the 1998 10K,
      6,332,000 options were outstanding - most are underwater.
      It is more conservative to count them in if share
      price rose.

      - Comment to posts on options
      exercised - the options exercised are immaterial to the
      total number outstanding. They are not being exercised
      because they are expiring; options are granted in much
      greater amounts for the people who are exercising. They
      must really need the money which explains why you do
      not see market purchases from this group. Believe me
      they are hurting even though they draw salaries. They
      dream of making big money on exercising at much higher
      prices. If the price does not go up their shares will
      eventually expire worthless. THEY CARE BIG TIME!

      Investor relations not returning phone calls - something
      must be in the works. If Leah is too busy to return
      calls that may be a good thing (i.e. wound care partner

      - Price will go up but unfortunately without news
      money managers can jump into the stock at anytime, that
      includes retirees sitting at their PC's. They don't care
      about paying an extras 10% for penalty for not being in
      the stock now.

      Below is from Bloomberg (note
      the analyst):

      Tel Aviv, March 21 (Bloomberg
      Data) -- Bio-Technology General Corp. (BTGC US) was
      maintained ``buy'' by analyst Paul Woodhouse at Merrill
      Lynch & Co. The analyst set a 12-month target price of
      $11.50 a share.

      My last comment - this stock
      will be a winner. If you are a true investor then you
      should have enough confidence in your stock picking
      ability. If not put your money into JANUS

      Good luck to all!

    • I saw in the 10K posted today that they repriced
      options last summer:

      On June 15, 1998 1,398,000
      previously-granted options were repriced.

      This is the kind of
      stuff I don't care for. If they had wanted to grant
      some additional options that's one thing, but to
      reprice higher priced options is a different story.

    • < Announcement of partner to jointly market
      Oxandrin in the U.S. for wound care (700k patients per
      year market) should be forthcoming later in March or
      April. >

      This is a biggie for BTGC this year.
      I read Merrill Lynch's report dated 3/19 and the
      wound care market is much bigger than I thought. They
      do need to get some partners to help in this area to
      get access to the facilities that treat such patients
      (long term care facilities, nursing homes, ...).

      One other thing jumped out at me in his report and
      that was him showing 54 million shares outstanding. Q4
      was 48 million or so. Where do the extra 6 million
      come in? Weren't the warrants accounted for in the
      past for diluted earnings? With 54 million that makes
      a difference of a penny EPS, explaining why 0.08 is
      the concensus estimate.

    • until third week of april !!!
      now my guess on
      03/22 7 - 7 1/2. price change in any
      occurs AFTER options exp. day. ML DOES have knovledge
      interest in BTGC - this is the reason for London office
      react, not US OFFICE OF ML. personally i am consider
      speculator (no more than 6 month IN). to get more educated
      subject one should understend options undewriting
      the most brainy buds currently making as agents for
      SEC & FBI,
      there share 10% of recovery. good luck
      daytrading !!
      please do understand humor !!!!

    • do read files of agents (sec & fbi) and picture about ML, scalpers, market makers will clear. also you'll
      find the reason for London office to make the news than nobody
      want to print as a news.

    • sm more than 50% of the time.
      ML has an
      interest in btgc - the one who want to day trade
      understand mechanich of underwritings options
      short interst in btgc may not (is not) be a result of
      outside interest, but hedging as a result of bying
      target on 03/22 7 to 7 1/2
      btgc is not telling the
      truth about antitakeover rules.
      who is market maker
      in btgc??!!

    • dog goes down again. Go figure, will BTGC ever have its day ? Usually when companies get buy recommendations their stock goes up. Who and Why are there sellers down here ? Any comments ?