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  • savientdown savientdown Dec 31, 2010 12:13 PM Flag

    How can you guys....

    CONTINUE with your day after day after day of constant , never ending hype and enthusiasm for SVNT? The stock ticks down on a daily basis and apparently some of you guys consider it an even "better buy" than the day before and is a 'cant miss' or 'home run' or 'risk free' stock. This is not about tax loss selling. Dont be naive. There is a REASON(s) that this stock is where it is and why it is slip sliding away. (as paul simon says). At least make an effort to look at this company and its inept mgmt over the last 3-5 yrs. It has been the most incompetent gaggle of fools making error after error on this trek. A majority of retail investors invest on pure emotion. Its why it is almost comical watching how some guys break out in orgasmic delight when they see a significant "buy" order on the stock. It is ALL noise. As i have said before, look at the history of this stock price. The shorts have rarely been wrong. Their is a reason(s) the short % has ticked up. Remember, those investors who 'short' stock heavily are more often than not, much more sophisticated than the avg retail investor. (I am not short or long this stock...i hope everyone make a ton on this company) I just understand the history of this company very well and will find it very difficult to ever trust these clowns again.
    Good luck.

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    • There is one important thing that you forget.
      SVNT has a drug that was approved by the FDA
      in 2010 which is no small accomplishment in
      this day and age. Approved drug with potential
      for 1 B yearly world wide sales in the years
      ahead. You small timers go home and forget
      about it. We go considerably higher in the
      months ahead.

    • "No agenda," but if you don't believe the exact same things savientdown believes, you might as well be in a religious cult drinking poison because your leader tells you to.


    • go ahead. keep on drinking the kool-aid.

    • <<Again, boys and girls, NO ONE wants them. There is a reason.>>

      This is known as "begging the question." I don't know that no one wants them, and neither do you. I don't know what discussions, if any, management had with "big pharma," so I don't know why they were unable to manage a buyout. And, neither do you. Assuming it's because "NO ONE wants them" is begging the question. Maybe you're right, and no one wants them. Or maybe they never had talks in the first place. Or maybe they couldn't agree on the price. Who knows? Not you, and not me. Only Savient management and the board of directors knows at this point, and they're refusing to comment. Speculating that it's because "something doesn't smell right," an innuendo with no actual basis in fact if I ever heard one, is pure opinion masquerading as fact.

      <<But, if you just post "bullish" info regarding SVNT, dont you also have an agenda?>>

      Having an agenda is fine. LYING about having an agenda makes you a scumbag. Your mama must be so proud.

    • Ok,,,so , from reading everyones posts who are 'gung ho', 'everythings on track', etc etc etc etc., I can only surmise from you folks that the 'big pharma' folks are clueless and so inept, that they dont realize what an absolute gold mine mighty SVNT is offering to anyone that listens. Again, boys and girls, NO ONE wants them. There is a reason. Arent you guys even the least bit curious as to why? Keep on 'investing' with your heart. That is the surest way to lose everything.
      If you guys claim that i have an 'agenda' , so be it. But, if you just post "bullish" info regarding SVNT, dont you also have an agenda? Just because someone raises a question with a company and its infrastructure, mgmt, products, forecasts, etc., is that justification to claim they have an agenda.? You guys remind me of so many other 'investors'. Heaven forbid if anyone ever ever even questions anything in a critical manner regarding your precious investment.
      Just answer the question....what do you know that bmy, roche, jnj, amgn, etc. does not know? I am sure they would very much enjoy being enlightened as to what critical factor they are overlooking.

    • <<I have NO agenda!>>

      That's rich, coming from a person with the handle "savientdown."

      If you want to get some credibility, try hiding your agenda a little better next time.

      If you really had no agenda, you'd be posting both positives and negatives -- a balanced view -- instead of posting only the negatives. For example, on the very same board you quote, there is this response:

      <<This person is an idiot that wrote this.

      All plans will cover KRYSTEXXA as a medical benefit 95% of the time with a prior auth like all biologics. Next, the REMS program is so light and does not require any type of registry. Next they have a Patient Assistance Program and a Co-pay program in place. Finally, they are not looking for REPS especially ones that surf Cafepharma, they are looking for Territory sales managers TSMs that they will pay 100-130 in base and a $40,000 bonus. The auto allowance is $700 a month grossed up with anadditional .26 cents a mile. All hiring will be done by the 2nd week in January. National Sales meeting is 1st week in February. Large number of Biogen Idec and Centocor people have already been hired. Over half of the territories have been filled.

      This is the real deal.

      Happy New Year!>>

      Or this:

      Originally Posted by Anonymous
      for reps 115-125K//bonus 30-40K CHECK WITH LEADERSINC

      Just spoke to recruiter..this is spot on. In addition, you will receive stock options which will pay out large if they are sold.>>

      If you have no agenda, then why not present both the positives AND negatives?

    • This company will eventually be sold for $2 bil. despite all the rhetoric, bashing, short interest and mismanagement.

    • Please tell me what they have done wrong since Paul H became president and how you would have done it differently (better). The last significant failure by the old clown club was the botched BLA that was filed before Hamelin's appointment. And don't forget, he came in to a management team that had already put the company in the gutter. You can argue the merit of the announcement of intent to sell and the failure to succeed immediately in that effort, but once again you have to consider that this company is looked at with a show-me attitude after the mistakes of the past.

      The key concept there is mistakes of the past. In the last year they have received approval for their drug and begun the launch process. Let's hold off the hanging party until we make sure it shouldn't be a celebration of success in the marketplace.

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      • O.K. I'll tell you what they did wrong recently, and I'm in at $11.72 so I haven't yet taken the beating that some others have. They should have announced the search for a new CEO at the end of Oct. when they said they were going to go it alone. The CEO search should have been part of the same press release. That was two months ago;we probably would have a new CEO by now if they made the announcement back then. Now we are looking at, potentially, further delays in hiring a salesforce. Wouldn't the new CEO want to have input in this process? I would think so, assuming they are looking for someone qualified. And don't tell me they didn't start the CEO search until now because they were still in negotiations with big pharma. If that was indeed the case then why did they say they failed to find a buyer? The bottomline is the BOD wasted 2 valuable months. By the way, I remember during the Oct. cc. they were ased about the possability of upper management changes. They reponded with "no comment". The analysts knew what they ought to be doing 2 months before the BOD figured out the obvious. But what's another two months, SVNT has enough cash to last until julyish.

    • Wow you seem angry at the company personally, it is going down again a whole .90 in a week on super low volume which means nothing if it goes down like 2-3 times the volume im out, but its the oposite low volume means complete reversal. You can say what you want it has approved drug your telling me if they wanted to sell the company its not worth 12, so i say low risk 50-100% upside ill take a .50 downside anytime, for 15-30 dollar stock.

    • What were you saying when stock was going up every day months ago, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20,21, 22, 23, etc...

      There was a REASON why it was going up correct? Wrong. All those buyers bought for wrong reasons, and gave us chance to buy now at $11s.

      You are wrong on short front also. Company had over 10mil shares since stock was $3. Were they right that stock went to $23 while they were shorts?

      I agree with you mng doing many mistakes, but plx we have approved drug already and many and many patients.

      Tell me what is your opinion how many paying patients we will have in 2011? Like to hear from you.

      Thank you

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      • It ran up on the rumours/anticipation of a quick purchase of svnt by a amgn, jnj, roche, etc. It did not happen. Now, with the onset of a ceo search , it is more than clear that any effort to sell the company in the near future is virtually nil. The 'street' just sees this as more incompetence of svnt mgmt and the stock has been trading knowing, or wondering, what misstep the stooges are going to make next.
        IF svnt was going to be making the huge profits/revs that so many on this board believe over the next few years, this company would have been swallowed up at least a year ago.

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