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  • therealintellectual therealintellectual Jan 31, 2011 7:25 AM Flag

    Accounting activities over last year

    Thanks fir your best constructive thought. Is there anybody else who doesn't come out personal and can put up a logical thought process?

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    • 1. Until last fall SVNT was a development stage company; that is, a company with no products to sell, a company that raised cash by selling shares and spent money on drug trials and drug applications, trying to get approval from the FDA. Earnings and cash flow analysis don't make a lot of sense when there are no earnings and only cash burn. If you don't know that then don't invest in development stage companies.

      2. Now that Savient's drug is approved they need to get it into the market and that is the process underway now. Read something and don't come here asking for pre-chewed food.

      3. This company has a single product and intimately the objective is to sell to or to make a partnership arrangement with some big pharma. This is not news.

      4. Read the 10Q if you want to know about any one-time items.

      5. Estimates do not come from the company; they come from analysts, many of whom have an axe to grind, like maybe their firm is an IB for another company in the sector.