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  • overcreek1 overcreek1 Nov 28, 2012 12:52 PM Flag

    The CTO filed is the biggest news we've had yet...

    And no one seems to care. What gives? The company has never filed a CTO and they've filed two this month. CTO are filed if you're protecting a partner from competition. Amazing.

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    • creek, again, your comment above makes no sense to me, "CTO are filed if you're protecting a partner from competition". Not saying you don't know what you're talking about or not onto something. Perhaps it's just the way you're phrasing it and what you're leaving out. When you say, "CTO are filed if you're protecting a partner from competition", SVNT doesn't have a partner that any of us are aware of yet to protect. Please expand your understanding. This is driving me nuts, ha! kg

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      • CTOs are filed to protect information between two business entities in any number of situations. It can be pursuant to potential partnership. It can protect proprietary data from a supplier or vendor. It can be filed to protect any number of situations where proprietary or sensitive data changes hands. It's a pro forma filing that may or may not be significant, which is why the market hasn't responded as if this is a huge catalyst - it very likely is not.

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    • Has anyone tried calling SVNT IR and just asking to see what they'll say?

    • 5 USC 552
      (a) Each agency shall make available to the public information as follows:
      (b) This section does not apply to matters that are--

      (4) trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person and privileged or confidential;

      Its a FOIA exemption protecting trade secrets and its not hard to get

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      • iam,

        Thank you for digging up the SEC docs re the SVNT CTOs. I too dug up similar stuff and have posted it in differnt threads. I would love to learn more. In your posts you explain, "It protects the pricing agreement and their trade secrets." Could you possibly expand on this with some examples of why/when CTOs are used and in context/perpective of the recent SVNT filings? Some of us on this bd suspect these SVNT CTO filings might be related to a possible SVNT partnership looming. Any thoughts on that appreciated as well.

        KG2931/Long n Strong SVNT

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    • They have filed before. This was just an extension of an extension of an extension of the CTO they have with their manufacturer. It protects the pricing agreement and their trade secrets.

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      • Wrong. Show me where they filed before? It should be on their website under SEC file. It's not, this the first one they've ever filed. Yes, it's an extention of previously released info but they only now need to protect themsleves because it's being shared with another company. Why wait until Nov to file something you didn't need the past six months.

        Show me where they filed before. You can't, because they didn't.