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  • smhswrestlingcap smhswrestlingcap Jan 2, 2013 4:08 AM Flag

    Im just going to go ahead and introduce myself to this board..

    I've followed this board for a few months hoping that maybe something would come up that i had missed during my research of this company's past, present, and future. That was a terrible mistake because aside from a few posters this board is #$%$! It is full of pumpers and bashers looking to misconstrue any information for their own good instead of helping other investors like this board was intended to do.

    Let me start by giving a little information about myself: First 18 years old fresh out of high school.
    Young i know, but i have a nack for researching and that has helped me tremendously in my good fortune. I began investing in stocks when i was just 14 years old. But to those of you who doubt me, i will give you a list of previous investments to maybe earn a little respect and show yall that my words can be trusted: BCRX- 10,000s in @ 1.50 sold at 12.23 CERS: 8,000s in @2.38 sold at 4.10
    ALIM 20,000 in @ 1.65 sold at 4.75. So i know where to place my money and where to get out at.

    I started in SVNT with 20,000 shares at 1.15. My intentions were to go long as this companys future is bright. But i saw my chances for a quick flip when it peaked and repeatedly flirted with the 1.30 line and i took my profit. Expecting the drop for obvious reasons i waited not to long and bought back in 20,000s @ 1.11. I am now long for they are making very wise and long term changes in personnel for the better of this company. I look forward to helping yall out in any way i can. I wont sit at the computer all day, but i will read back over everything at the end of the day when i get off work from Coca Cola.

    Good luck to everyone and God Bless you all in this new year :]

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    • smhswrestlingcap,

      Welcome aboard! Contribute when you can and never mind your age or experience level. Quite a few good folks here to learn from. I sure have and I'm 58, ha! I'm going to call you wrestling' from now on.


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    • Welcome, but if you think this board is bad then I would strongly suggest you stay away from YMBs in general since clearly they will offend your tender young sensibilities.

      One reason that you don't see much meaningful discussion on this board is that there is quite often nothing meaningful to discuss; Savient does not get a lot of analyst or blogger attention so (unlike some other Boards) there isn't the weekly missive from Motley Fool or Seeking Alpha to dissect ad nauseum. Not to say that the occasional item doesn't hit the news wire, but even those more often than not are non-events, like the 8K filing of 12/31.

      If you've been watching this Board (or have done your due diligence) you already know that the upcoming catalysts are: EUC Marketing Authorization, partnership, and the next Quarterly Earnings Report (in late February or early March since Yahoo Finance is notoriously inaccurate about these things). Aside from these, it's doubtful that you'll see much more than nominal swings in the stock price over the coming weeks, but a buck eleven seems like a dandy entry point.

      So good luck to you and welcome aboard.



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    • So let me get this straight...somewhere after your 14th birthday, and to now at 18, you were able to invest $67,000 in BCRX, ALIM and CERS? I say bullcrap !!!!!! And this board continues to suk.

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      • hugginsd,

        first off, i dont see how you could call bullcrap on that? do you know alot of 14-18 year olds that do this? If you didnt have such a one set mind you could figure this out. Ihave worked on farms since i was 11 and began to run multiple chicken houses with my older brother as i grew up. I didnt just go to the bank and take that money straight out of my savings and wire it to my account. look at the charts of the stocks i have claimed to own and im sure theyll tell you that the times fit. i didnt invest in all these at once. my first step was BCRX. I did my own own research and with a liitle help from my dad in helping me put everything together. the amount i bought was $15,000 dollars which was alot but considering i got a return of 100k+ i didnt mind sweating it out lol FROM there i have invested out of that fund to do my other investments.

      • Longs selling is the 1st post.

    • OK, now that you are done strutting your tail feathers around as a self proclaimed investment prodigy...put some sizzle on the steak and communicate your prognosis for Savient? What is it that you feel needs to happen to drive meaningful value?

      I only hold a few housand shares and am holding. That being said, I am very critical of a lot of the unsubstantiated hype some posters put on this board. I am also critical ofSavient management...they are NOT the cream of the crop. I have been accused of being a "short" and a basher but I do not think comments on a board drive stock up or down so all the #$%$ about pumpers and shorts is just #$%$. I know my science and I know medicine.

    • I don't think this board is NEARLY as bad as some. I'm in VRNG, and THAT board is UTTERLY WORTHLESS.

      I'm in cause my DD says the same; The company has a bright future as the past pps reflected MUCH of that (some was hype of course always is). The company made some TERRIBLE mistakes last year, reflected in the pps. BACK ON TRACK, the company is NOW making GOOD choices in guidance and management. I expect MUCH of that BRIGHT future once reflected in the pps to return, once management PROVES OUT those management & guidance choices. This of course takes PAITENCE. The past SPIKE to the 15-20$ range was a bit much, I expect given time 5-7$ range is a bit more realistic. This will of course give those that have demonstrated paitence a nice reward.

      Nice post of yours, GOOD WAY to start the year!

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