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  • smhswrestlingcap smhswrestlingcap Jan 2, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

    My input..

    First off, im terribly ADHD so im going to ramble alot more than likely, but ill try to keep it as put together as i can. this is just my opinion so take it or leave it, critisize it if you want. They made a very good decision by bringing in savage at the beginning of december. Their original board of directors was..ok to say the least and showed that they could line up a homerun but repeatedly struck out. Adding him gave them the experience and input of someone hwo knows how to put companies over the top. Not to mention he follows companies that afterwards see alot of upside after his addition. To me the resignation of Dr. Simons due to personal reasons seems a little odd giving the timing of it. I believe he is being replaced by somebody being brought in with more experience or perhaps from another company. resigning for personal reasons is more or less to protect his future job positions in my opinion. The additions being made to this company along with the continual decreas in debt gives me a good syignal that it will be on the upswing soon. As far as the European approval:

    The EMEA stalled and chose to release no information on the approval of the drug in Europe until the year 2013. Many of you say its either because their lazy and wanted to wait till after the holidays or because we simply did not get the approval. given the way there have been no CC or no information released to the public at this time tells me there are more things being done behind the scenes that we arent aware of. the EMEA did not release any news, i believe for the better of SVNT. Doing that gives the company more time to get all of their data together and talk with the partnership that i believe they already have sitting on the side to once again align another homerun. hopefully atleast hitting the ball this time. The hiring of the new positions are being released in a pretty good periodical order. Showing that they went in and got savage has so far been the best. releasing these one at a time hoping to slowly increase interest in the company and their drugS. The big bang i am waiting on now is the announcement of the European approval AND a partnership. this, with the slow increase of investors and the accumulation since late october is going to send this upwards to about $3.50-4.50. as more investors learn of this company the pps will go up from there.

    This is once again all of my opinion based on the things i have read.

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    • rodgers.david Jan 2, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

      your 3 stocks that made a farm worker teen rich are all under 2.00 do you explain that with your genius, and how come you dont have a hedge fund from the farm owner and dads friends and the rotary club and your local fans.i made a blocknuster mega hit movie my first of 13 hit movies during my 25 yr career when i was under 20 yrs old..and i dont know anyone as smart as you in the stock market[where i lost my entire fortune empire and estate boats cars homes and am broke holding svnt] so not trying to hurt your feeling or burst your bubble but im a dummy in this,why are the three winners you picked as a teenager in the one dollar range can explain that to us please.thanks[ps-i do think svnt should be around 10 and im nota pumper.just palo alto etc are not dummies and they bought above 4 and they dont sell]comments appreciated genius young person.

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      • well theres absolutely nothing wrong with farming. but yes i can explain that. BCRX has fallen greatly due to the fact of other companys trying to establish themeselves in the specific category that bcrx is in; such as svnt. If you look at the numbers in clinical trials percentages and so on youll see that they are not up to par with other companys. compare bcrx to svnt for example and youll see that svnt is far more supperior. this in turn is causing them to go down to the 1.60 range. ALIM: this was a very tricky one. this is what i call a one hit wonder. the only drug that was relitively strong in their pipeline was illuvien. i bought in when i was reading into the trials and before it was sent to emea for evaluation. after it passed it rose to just below $5 dollars and i quickly got out before the flame died. it stayed and stalled around the $3 mark but since then has trickled down to below 2 dollars. That company is completely out of my portfolio because like i said it was a one hhit wonder in my opinion. now, as for CERS...i got in really low at a very good deal. but i got out quickly because i decided to take my profit because it was a quick trade that i had already set my leaving point. This stock has fallen but has completely stopped at the $3 dollar mark and is bouncing a little. I see a glimer of light for the companys future but i dont want to get into it because the fact that it has stalled this long without accumulation scares me. so there you go rogers. other investors should look at CERS if they want to take a little risk.

        and jsyk, not all my investments go north like every investor runs into. for example, i bought 10,000 bcrx @$1.50 about a month ago but it got shakey pretty fast so i sold for a loss at 1.43. within the next week they ended a merger transaction and the pps shot up to to almost $4. but hey, you live and you learn.

        btw, cers currently sits just below $3.20...not in the $1 range. just saying...

      • and btw, cers is currently sitting right below $3.20 jsyk, not $1-2..

    • Selling shares, rite?

      EU approval is in the PPs for now... PARTNER is the key... imagine EU okay and PPs down in the same day... Anal-yst will be NOT money for EU launch and boom!

      Good luck.

      I am long again with 5k shares 1.11