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  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Jan 9, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

    Boatload of resistance at $1.25

    Good Luck guys!!!!!!!!! I hope that it all works out....The next few months will tell it all...

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    • There's resistance at $1.27 and $1.65 and support at $1.18 with secondary resistance at $1.01. Not much downside risk, IMO.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I'm beginning to doubt your genuity. It seems to me that you're just bashing the stock.

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      • Jennifer, Chessman is a egomaniac who doesn't answer some simple questions that I've asked. I made a truckload on SVNT when I bought it at the beginning of August of 2012 @ an average of .64. Please look back in the archives. At that time you will notice that I was "ALL IN" as my posts indicate. Having every investment dollar that I had in one stock made me spare no time or expense making sure my money was in the right place. Or face financial ruin.
        At the time I was fully invested in SVNT, I was under the care of a Rheumotologist. I straight up asked him if he had ever heard of K? and he said he had. I asked if he had ever prescribed it? His answer was, I've never seen anyone that far along. Let me explain the significance of that.
        Rheumotologists are like Hen's Teeth, very rare. In my town of Buffalo there are but a handful.
        The significance of this should not be lost on anyone. SVMT did it's best to make sure appropriate Physicians knew of K, but they didn't see the need. What I found particularly troubling aside from this was the drop out rate of people who discontinued treatment. It's great to have a pill that you can swallow to hopefully make you better. Sitting in a chair for what must seem like an eternity with a needle in your arm isn't so comfortable. Please ask Chessman to address these issues because apparently you have a better rapport with him than I.
        Time Will Tell.
        BTW: does it ever bother you that when I discuss things, it's from a strictly technical-or in this case -personal standpoint? With the exception of the World Famous HS wrestler whose introductory post was over the top. I was justifiably chastised by Mike for my criticism and have learned my lesson.
        When I am discussed on the other hand, it's always gets personal.
        BTW: I have told anyone who would listen to buy UNXL @ $10.90 and TTNP @ $1.15 I have contemporaneous posts on December 31st last year discussing both stocks that I purchased.
        Jennifer, it is only about making money.

      • Nope, and I am not short. Once again I am not a person who is a one trick pony. I have made so many mistakes investing that it was like a Doctoral and Post Doctoral Education. I found that losing money is a whole lot easier to do than making it and I got sick of losing 10 to 20 % buying something that I was "SURE" wouldn't go down. The reasons that I lost had more to do with the timing of the investment than the investment itself.
        Regarding SVNT, I simply am talking about some technical data that is an incredible headwind. If I can give sound advice without the usual vitriol and enmity, I am hoping that people might-not necessarily listen- but just look into it themselves. Time will tell. My advice is to take whatever bump this current enthusiasm affords you.

      • Jennifer , he is a jack az, always bashes stock if you have seen his handle, he thinks his analysis is better than the market. Dont pay him no mind. SOFT BASHER he is