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  • lempe39398 lempe39398 Jan 11, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Jazz Pharma, Xarem, price increases, from the dead to $50 per share

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    • The main issue with Krystexxa, though, is that it is injected whereas Xyrem is a pill and Acthar can be self injected. Krystexxa requires infusions which greatly hinders the usage.

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      • Team: QCOR had the same problems as SVNT.....1)small,initial one-indication patient mkt,2) they initiated huge cost-cutting measures to reduce their burn rate, and most of all, 3)they had a very low, unrealistic pricing-model for Acthar which made it virtually impossible for them to become economically viable on a standalone basis. When QCOR right-sized its pricing model based on lower pt estimates, the stock then moved to over $50/sh. What helped in that move was QCOR's ability to expand Acthar's label which I believe SVNT has a very good shot of doing, especially in the much larger world induction mkt which could represent up to 1 million pts worldwide based on current US-only estimates of 500,000-700,000 pts. Raising K's price significantly over the next 12 months, and expanding K's label and mkt reach could make our little stock explode upward AGAIN........over the next few years if we are not acquired before then. We either get around $7-$8/sh by mid year when all of our label expansion studies are up and running, or in the $20s if we stay independent, get into the induction mkt and trade at the same 7+ P/S multiple that all other profitable bios trade at. I'll happily take $7-$8/sh if the stock mkt gods make it so. Have a good weekend everyone.

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      • Xarem = JAZZ
        Achtar = QCOR

        I just think that SVNT is going to have issues regardless because Krystexxa doesn't have a big patient population due in large part to the infusion delivery method.