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  • dkguardthetruth dkguardthetruth Jan 18, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    Just WHAT are the "Dumpers" asking you to BELIEVE.....

    I am a person that LIKES to SEEK OUT the things that MAKE SENSE. I will listen to just about ANY argument, because MAYBE I could be wrong, MAYBE the other guy SEES things that I've overlooked.

    Now, there are TWO points that I'd LIKE to bring up because they MAKE NO SENSE when put together. And those that "dump" on SVNT are essentially saying that THEY DO.

    1. SVNT is a disaster, heading to BK, insolvent, bad product, etc.
    2. SVNT has recently added Hammill, Savage & Meeker to the "staff"

    Now, IF 1 & 2 go together you have....

    3. Hammill, Savage & Meeker are KNOWINGLY commiting carreer suicide

    Sooooooo, WHY would they DO such a thing??

    So I'm racking my brain to come up with PLAUSIBLE REASONS that these men would join SVNT if it were "on the brink". Here are some that I came up with.....

    1. "I lost a bet"
    2. "I was drunk when I signed the contract, my Lawyers are working on getting me out"
    3. "I'm having an affair with a SVNT receptionist"
    4. "I was labeled OVER qualified, I need to add a failure to the resume"
    5. "I'm a crewman from the Enterprise, SVNT HQ sits on the transporter coordinates."
    6. "I like slumming with my Small Pharm friends"
    7. "I'm hiding from my wife, she'll NEVER look for me here"
    8. "I Bought a Sammari suicide sword on E-bay,I'm itching for a reason to try it".
    9. "I have to do community service as part of my probation"
    10. "I have a fatal disease, I'm hopeing the STRESS will speed the process"

    Anyhow to the "dumpers" do you have a ANY BETTER reasons why these men would KNOWINGLY walk into a "disaster"??

    I'm all ears, I REALLY am, cause I just can not make sense of the logic that would put those two points together.

    Best regards ALL!
    (with the exception of the "dog foods" guy, he can go pound sand)

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    • does this make sense?? ... BottomLine- K is not catching on in a marketplace so miniscule, its irrelevant (as bourne out by the latest (miniscule) ORGANIC SALES #'s and of course the pps).

      Now, just WHAT are the "PUMPERS" asking you to believe?? (no matter what they HOPE, is it bourne out in the ORGANIC SALES #''s or pps??) Facts only please

    • Couldnt have said it better myself DK. Isnt it ironice that "Biochump" and "goutforyou" dont have a rational reply to your post?

    • Well done DK. All ten reasons are great, and make a lot more sense than some of the "logic" of certain posts. Number 4 is a classic.

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    • guard, Nicely done!!!!!! I salute you my Small Pharm friend. Best SVNT post all year! You win the SVNT Msg Bd post of the year award! kg

      PS: guard, your wife was in here earlier lookin for ya....

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      • What can I say, I got a 50+ mile commute on a 250cc scooter going in at 4am, and it's friggin COLD out for AZ, so my mind wanders to pass the time.

        Soooo, what he's implying is that they're just collecting pay supposedly before SVNT takes a dive. Possilbe I suppose, but I still don't buy that. I would think it would look poor on a resume jumping in on a sinking ship, and it STILL sinks. Now, maybe they have a "good ole boy" nextwork in Pharm & Small Pharm, and it wouldn't really matter. Wouldn't it HURT your reputation though?? Maybe I'm just old school, that a man is only as good as his reputation and you do NOT sully it for love or money.

        For them to jump in NOW and SVNT FAIL, they add "STUPID" to their resume & reputation.
        For them to jump in NOW and SVNT SUCCEED, they add "GOLDEN" to their resume & reputation.

        I of course am betting on the latter, and of course I am NOT so foolish to make this my only bet. I do that for my fiscal safety & sanity & to avoid the wrath of the wife.

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