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  • biotekchamp22 biotekchamp22 Jan 28, 2013 12:32 AM Flag

    someones making money off this, is it you? me? or the slime that operates the greasy wheels?


    Love to hear your thoughts on this from the long term fools who bought this fiasco in the double digits. Why is it that is living large on you less than stellar handicapping of a stock like SAv? Just curious. Someone of you are so full of vile and #$%$ that an open-end questions like such, is exactly what the doc ordered. How do you even begin to hold Sav and its crew of "B" teamer s to the oven and get a man to man answer on what they plan on doing to somewhat get you a portion of you hard earned cash investment back.....from what I have seen, it gonzo and they could care less as long as the middle to upper manamgt is getting their cushy paychecks'.....something has got to change here folks. Some of you are so underwater you need gills to breath.

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    • The thoughts, "champ" are that you need to find something better to do. Youve been blowing yourself on this board for months now. There isn't a single person here that listens to your self-aggrandizing bullshiz for a second. For all your "I am the messiah" rubbish when it comes to this stock, you shut your pie-hole in a hell of a hurry when it went from 50 cents to 3 dollars last September. I didn't see one post from you for a while, and suddenly you're back spewing your nonsense, trying to impress people on a yahoo board (which is laughable in and of itself) with your "knowledge" of pharma lingo, and a little bit of Monday morning qb action.

      You're literally slobbering over the keyboard lately. Look at your last post. It doesn't even make grammatical sense. Why don't you step away from the keyboard and sit out the next few plays.

      And just in case you are, I don't need gills to "breath." I'm ahead on my play here.

      Just because Lou Ferrari hammered your woman and didn't give you a couple of K vials on the house, does not mean you need to chase after his ballsack for the next 24 months. Maybe after the buyout he'll throw you a bone, no pun intended.

      Guys following this board, stop paying attention to this #$%$ He's upset because he went in for an "infusion" and accidentally checked "rectal" on the option list.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • How does your $2 buys look? You are down about 50% and you are making fun of others. Get lost loser

    • Extremely fair, and pertinent question;

      While I was raised in the good ole Mennonite/Amish OLD TRADITIONS of playing fair, being honest, telling the truth, obeying authorities. I also recieved a SIDE lesson from my GrandFather SQUEEZE THAT LINCOLN!!

      It is PLAINLY OBVIOUS in my book that SOMETHING IS UP here. Someone is making a LOAD of bucks, probobly a FEW someones, the institutional folks. THEY can have a LOT more paitence than the average retail investor. My ONLY mistake here was putting TOO high of a percentage of my account into this one. I intend to be JUST AS PATIENT as the institutional folks. My average buy is 1.70$. I am QUITE confident that I was likely double with a bit extra on the side. In the RIGHT circumstances this COULD be a multibagger for me.

      Grandpa's saying that he used OFTEN was; "You take your nickle, and you make it a dime". ALL my positions at the moment have the makings to DO just that; SVNT, VRNG, CGR, HZNP, ATHX.

      I feel a GREAT DEAL of concern for those folks that bought in the double digits & have had to average DOWN. I HOPE they recieve a JUST GAIN. It would BE NICE if we were dealing with a level playing field, but such is NOT the case.

      THIS is why I learned my financial lessons from my GrandFather NOT my Father. Good ole Dad was ALWAYS being TAKEN DOWN by those he trusted, NEVER recognizing the GAME IS STACKED. The GAME is NOT FAIR, so you FIND the side that will WIN in the END, and then PLAY THAT WITH PATIENCE.

      BEST REGARDS to one & ALL (with the exception of the "dog foods" guy, he can pound sand)

      Sentiment: Hold

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