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  • dkguardthetruth dkguardthetruth Feb 7, 2013 9:48 AM Flag


    In the previous trip to .50 cents. The Accumulation tralied down with it. From what I can tell the accumulation is still QUITE steady. Why is that? The Instititional holdings & MF are still at 84%. Would there be a way for them to LEAVE without being seen??? So as far as I can tell the so called "smart money" isn't going anywhere. This was my first Small Pharm play, and this is what I looked for when evaluating whether to get in; I wanted to FOLLOW the "smart money". In the PREVIOUS descent much of the "Smart money" appears to have fled as well. I do not see the same flight, unless I could be missing something.

    Now, IF I say the SAME DESCENT of the accumulation, I would ALSO be looking for an exit.

    Unless there is a WAY for the Institutionals & MF's to EXIT without being seen. If there IS could someone please explain HOW, so I can go look for myself.

    Till THEN, I find NO REASON to look for an exit; other than my wife's HOT breath on the back of my neck when she saw the pps. My "weak hands" have been shaken soooo much I have multiple stress fractures in both, and my wife is having to type this for me. She is QUITE upset; and she has a few words to share with the SHORTERS:

    $#@@%$ ((($#@@@ get off your %^^#@@@ my husband *&&^%$ you are such ()*&%%$ and if you don't &%%##$ when I @##@ see you ((&&# I'm gonna %$##@@*^^%#$%$@ accross the back of the head!!!!

    Dave's Wife

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    • guard, This could be an over simplification and totally off base but do you know what the update cycle is on Yahoo's page that you're getting this, "holdings & MF are still at 84%"? I'm not sure that figure moves that often or what moves it. Just a thought. If you find out I would like to know. kg

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      • That's all based on quarterly holdings reports filed each quarter for the one immediately preceding. Yahoo! Couldn't update more frequently than that if they wanted to.

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      • No I do NOT know that, WISH I did. But you/me make your best decision based on the information availiable. I also look at the accumulation trend on a 9 month screen on my Scottrade account. There is no huge turn down or a real turn down that I can see. When the stock went to .50 previous there was a down trend on the accumulation.

        Of course I'm a novice compared to some folks here. But from what I can see we have a down trend in price with no down trend in accumulation. AND if it's mostly held by institutions then this would seem to be to me merely a short term problem, a BUYING opportunity as stated my Mike on another post.

        Now, WOULD there be a way for the institutions to SELL & get OUT without the retail (us) knowing about it?? I'm sure some one would know. But I think it would STILL show up on an accumulation trend.

        I just go with what DD that I can do myself, & what I can learn from others. Others have much more experience & better modes of getting info. Some day I get those fancy screens------that is if the wife lets me & a BIG win here might just put some wind in my sails.


    • u r a plain and simple pumper, an idiot to say the least