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  • mikerconfer mikerconfer Feb 12, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    Here's the Difference

    The difference between the Longs on this Board, and the various trolls, short-shills and bashers (with one notable exception being gmeabrk who has voiced reasonable, legitimate and substantiated concerns over this stock) is simple. We who are long this stock have followed our convictions by putting our money where our mouths are. We have established positions in this stock and we are SHAREHOLDERS in this company. Some of us (doubtless) wish that we had implemented a better exit strategy years ago. Some of us are perfectly comfortable with our current position. Some of us did extensive due diligence, others probably bought on a speculative whim; but ALL of us are invested for a favorable outcome.

    The bashers and the trolls? Not so much. There are any number of reasons to consistently posit negative opinions on an investment (or any other type of) message board. Some (a very few) do it out of concern for their fellow investors; some do it out of a nearly psychotic sense of self-importance; some do it for attention (because even negative attention is better for them than being ignored); and, unfortunately, some do it because they are unable to hold a real job and are paid to do it.

    In the interests of full disclosure I am long this stock since February of 2012. I currently hold 25000 shares at an average cost basis of about $1.97. Those holdings reflect my general opinion of this investment, and will doubtless be reflected in any opinions or analysis that I choose to share on this board. I believe that I will make a profit here. I believe that the stock is due for the same sort of action that it witnessed last year between July and late September and therefore I recommend it as a buy at current prices.

    The bottom line: it's time to PUT UP or SHUT UP.

    Hold 'em if you got 'em - Buy 'em if you don't.

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    • rodgers.david Feb 12, 2013 11:45 PM Flag

      Mike.thanks for the evans post ..thats why i cant do options either .i lost all i had on akam options when it went from 60 -9..and never i agree but after the fall.

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    • rodgers.david Feb 12, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

      yes sir...couldnt have said it any better mike..and we say it in oh so many ways...thanks for the articulation and conviction.this isnt a monopoly board game.we have actual money on the table above no trader mike.i deont weant to be thanks.just an investor[15yrs in biotechs and others..never traded]

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    • Mike,

      What 's your prediction on the kystexxa sales last Q?

      What make you think the stock will go up soon?

      You are on fire today.
      So .. I shut up.


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      • Kent -

        In terms of catalysts there are two fundamental catalysts: an announced partnership or less-than-dismal earnings, either of which could initiate a run. Technically, the stock is oversold and the percentage of short interest is very high both of which situations (together with the low "float") could set up a strong momentum rally if either or both catalysts pan out.

        Never claimed this to be anything but a HIGHLY speculative play, and don't now, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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      • Did I say "soon" Kent? There are a couple of potential catalysts and I never guess at sales figures. They SHOULD see some increase Q/Q in sales, and their costs should be lower because of the full quarter of cost reduction benefit and reduction or elimination of one-time charges. We'll see.

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    • mike,

      Once again you hit it out of the park with this post of yours, thx! Also, you read my mind. It must be in the air on this board but I can never quite understand shorts bad behavior! I mean why is it that civility, fair play and acceptance comes naturally to Longs but the opposite to Shorts?!?!?

      Thx for sharing your current position of 25K shrs @ $1.97. My 20K @ $4.67 makes us quite similar and that's a comfort to me and I'm sure to many others on this board. After all that's why we're here to learn, share and support one another.

      What we "witnessed last year between July and late September", here, let's spell out that range even more specific from July 17, 2012 @ $.49 to Sep 24, 2012 @ $2.92!

      And let's all look back even further. SVNT (BTGC) has been a publically traded profitable biotech company since at least Jan 1990! This is no small time, fly by the seat of the pants recent startup!

      Since 1992 SVNT's been above n below $10 Shr six separate time periods! Since 1997 (when I first bought) SVNT's been above n below $15 Shr also six separate time periods! And most recently, since 2008 SVNT's been above n below $20 Shr twice (May 2008 and Sept 2010)!

      Our latest plunge following the Sept 24, 2012 $2.92 ended around Nov 9, 2012 $1.14 occurred in less than a month & half where it remains roughly today - waiting, waiting, waiting!

      So, what do I think also waiting here with a small fortune (to me) at $4.64? I think we're going to start gradually moving up after this 4th Qrtly Conf Call. I don't see much potential for bad news coming out of nowhere or fundamental changes other than improvements, gradual improvements. Short term I see only gravy from here! And mid term I see potential buyout much higher than where we're at or, if not that now, we continue to partner throughout Europe and Asia. What, you don't think money will come in time to keep K going?!?!

      Regardless whether we do well now or years from now, this is one investor that's not going anywhere until I see some return on my $93K investment @ $4.64 Shr!


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    • Ditto......I want to be "like" "Mike":-)


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    • I like Mike............