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  • mcj96 mcj96 Feb 28, 2013 7:06 AM Flag

    Why the heck does KERX sell for a nose-bleed and whopping ****24x 2013 rev estimates vs only 1.8x for SVNT ?????????

    It makes zero sense especially given the fact that KERX's drug is not yet approved and faces very stiff competition in an already crowded space. Why did Dr Meeker-the CEO of the largest orphan drug co in the world-recently join SVNT's bd ? It was to help SVNT find resolution so K can be in the hands of more pts worldwide. "Shorting Meeker" when SVNT trades for just 1.8x 2013 rev estimates(vs 24x for KERX and 8x for the Industry aver peer gp co) and has not yet entered the EU, Asia or Latin A mkts, or expanded K's label, is extremely risky IMHO and Mar put activity reflects this view.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • mcj96
      it is 94 cents as of today.
      2 below your ID 96...
      yet you still here making up stories..

      you are more than funny...


    • mcj posted this same exact post maybe a dozen times over the years...............i think..........
      good luck to svnt longs................i just have problem w/ mcj irrational pump job.
      hope good fortune comes to longs here.

    • Good. Keep up your pumping theme. Why was Savient selling for a nose bleed $25/sh years back before it had any revenues? Why SVNT is a dollar stock now? Is it because Savient is already a known entity (a loser with a large debt), and KERX is yet a relatively unknown speculation? But rest assured, Meeker will save Savient and all new investors will quintuple their invested money.

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      • Do you expect that shameless idiot chronic pumper on this board called mcj will respond to your post. These kind of pumpers linger around these penny junk stocks mbs untill they have squeezed all the juice of newbie investors, this is their job to somehow pump it directly or indireclty as much as they can before it completely wipes out all the share holder value, sad side of human nature who act like greedy vultures, shame on these shameless greedy pumpers

    • ask the question a different way: why does the market believe KERX will significantly improves sales and does not believe SVNT will be profitable anytime soon? I can't speak to KERX, but if you look at SVNT mgmt performance and commercialization progress since approval, it seems easy to see why the market does not have confidence in the company. They are worth more than current pps, but can't get out of their own way to get the value that remains. Selling is not their bag. When after 2 years you have less than 0.5% of the market size they staed and repeatedly defended, it should be obvious to themsomeone else can better sell the drug.