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  • kg2931 kg2931 Mar 19, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    So Where's MikeConfer & DanRealtor now?

    Just curious. Have you sold & moved on? Or, just too shocked to say anything after today's Earnings Release and Conf Call? kg

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    • Break of Silence,

      Once again, if SVNT sells out Long Term Shareholders on the cheap now or anytime soon, I truly believe there is enough to go on to let the lawyers dig it out and file. Only SVNT knows realistic average cost basis and what they can get away with on a sellout. Obviously anything south of my current $4.64 cost basis (20K shrs for $92,800) will be cause for action by me. (For thirteen years up until last year my Cost Basis was $16.25). So, I believe some are still holding at those lofty levels and even higher (with the last spike to $20+ Shr). As of today I'm now down $78K and falling! This after 13 years and even after trusting SVNT enough to spend the additional $48K for 17K Shrs @ $2.82 to buy my cost basis down! I know, I know, Mbusser & Rodgers, that's peanuts to you folks, but not to me - so enough with the false whining accusations! Oh, and just being down $ isn’t the basis for a Class Action either! Figure it out boys – there’s already plenty enough for the attorneys to find!

      Like most good Longs here, I'm not selling. Ain't going anywhere until the fat lady sings. Hope SVNT's 'poison pill' prevents a takeover on the cheap. Hope SVNT doesn't manipulate a deal on the cheap and sell us out on a majority institutional shareholder vote(usually the way it goes). Hope we don’t have to file a Class Action. But if I and plenty others end up losing as big as we are so far, got nothing to lose to file and let the law firms eat (after everyone get's their pennies on the dollar of course)!


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      • KG
        The question is do you want to loose everything or are you content with 50 cents on the dollar? that is the way I see it. There is no way they are making money or achieving the $100 sales level until at least 2015? They do not have the people, money or skill set to get enough sales. I would much rather loss $50K as opposed to &125K. That is the bottom line. They just will not survive long enough to get profitable. At some point, they will not be able to finance their business. I believe they are at that point now. They need a white night with a few bucks in their pocket. Just sell and move on.

      • francist66 Mar 20, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

        KG, Sorry to hear about your predicament .. Im in at a CB of 2.27 with 10K shares so I feel your pain although maybe not at your level. Was not happy with what was said but more important what wasnt said yesterday... Its draining, and like some other people on this board am doing well and holding my own with other plays but this here is dead money for me. So i feel you.. Hopefully some miracle will happen n all of us will get bailed out, but i dont see that happening in the forseable future..
        Good luck to you N God Bless

    • I am basically out. I continue to follow the stock. I might look for re-entry below 40 cents. I might not. I did post before the release that they would beat on earnings but miss on sales. I was surprised the sales missed as bad as they did. The sales growth was absolutely terrible. I'm pretty upset with management. I haven't listened to the cc. I may wait for the transcript. They have been extremely deceptive and/or unbelievably incompetent. I would be happy to detail that if its not already obvious to you.


    • Still here, and "shocked" is the wrong word - disappointed is nearer the mark. No definitive word on EU partnership, no real meat on the SOBI bones, and lackluster sales. Ferrari continues to have all the communications skills of a wet rock.

      Still holding the stock and it'll do what it's going to do and nothing said on an message board is going to change that. I averaged down a bit after the CC and hopefully I'll see a profit (or at least a reduction in losses) some time this year. In the meantime I've got other investments that are actually making money and I'm giving them most of my attention. I don't do options or ANYTHING on margin and I doubt that there will be much going on here without a precipitating event.

      Good luck to all.

    • rodgers.david Mar 20, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

      they were very nice and very astute ,but i gander that they got nailed in their options [as i did to the tune of 1/2mil 3 yrs ago on options and more than 3mil 12 yrs ago on naked calls.i swear on my mothers urn truth]thats why i have no options here just stock.same position as yours. dan got burned all yr on his opitons.he told us ,when he disappeared lasttime.thanks peace and longevity [was a rough day yesterday!i blew a gasket!}thats life in the casino.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I am sure those pathetic pumpers will come back after few days and will start pumping this junk untill they take all of the juice from this spam

    • rodgers.david Mar 19, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

      theyre waiting for ferrari to hit the junlyaerd they know ferrari is incompetent.