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  • kentwu28 kentwu28 Mar 26, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    who is kg2931

    Who are you ? Are you a pumper?
    How much money did you lose on SVNT ?
    ....I mean you claimed that you lost ....

    why are you so active after a huge " loss"?
    You are amazing...just like Dan and .....

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    • Kg2931, I dont really care who you are. I am pretty sure you feel same way about me.
      I believe you100% you have not lost a dime...
      I just can't stand people like you ...misleading others on purpose.

      Svnt has 240 million debt,90 million cash, and loses 30 million every Q.
      There are no positives...please dont hint people to catch this falling knife by saying your cost per share is $4.6
      Svnt is going bankrupt 2014 and you know it.

    • Kentwu, You know my story, my cost basis and enough about me but if you must: I am still active because I haven't lost a dime on SVNT YET because I haven't sold in over 13 years! I may be a long term Class Action Share holder before this is over though....

      Now, more importantly, who are you kentwu28?

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      • "I haven't lost a dime...because I haven't sold in over 13 years"

        This statement reflects very poorly on your investment acuity and therefore you are not to be regarded seriously. Sure, in principle you might get lucky and sell SVNT at a higher share price than your average purchase price and you will end up making what appears to be a profit. In all likelihood, it will be a loss when accounting for the depreciation of the dollar over those 13 years, the loss of profitable trading opportunities with that locked money (in BTG, BTGC, SVNT), or just the loss of interest on the money.

        Regarding your Class Action idea, this is laughable. Even if such class action lawsuit is successful (despite the very extensive safe harbor statements shielding SVNT), SVNT has large negative shareholder equity, and you will get pittance.

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