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  • meomyomeo5 meomyomeo5 Mar 27, 2013 9:24 PM Flag

    Sobi will probably distribute Krystexxa in the EU. Like they are doing with Exelixis drug Cometriq.

    By the way, take a look at Exelixis. They have way more debt than Savient, and way more shares out. Exelixis has higher short interest than Savient, and revenue of about 50 million last 12 months. very similar situation to savient. EXEL sells for about $4.59.

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    • Meo: Your SOBI prediction makes a great deal of sense. SOBI specializes in rare diseases and their website says....."Our sales and mktg organization covers about 20 countries in the EU....and we have partners in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand". Their EXEL partnership deal runs for 3 years and I noticed that Vanguard and BlackRock are also large holders of their stock, similar to SVNT. I also noticed that EXEL's 2014 rev estimates are only $38.67 mil(Yahoo) vs about double that for SVNT after the May 40% Krystexxa price raise.

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    • liar liar liar sell sell sell

    • Either SOBI, AZN or Takeda.....All 3 make sense

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      • Again, why hasn't Takeda released their P2 Febuxostat renal study results yet when the study was completed, way back in May 2012 ??? P2 studies are small..............Why the long delay ? Are Takeda's results poor ? Is Takeda waiting for SVNT's Dialysis results to be released before making a move ? Time will tell.

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    • rodgers.david Jun 10, 2013 4:12 AM Flag

      Yes ,we should be over five ..this is all bull..we are,not a penny stock

    • Makes a great deal of sense. Raising K's price and expending K's label could add meaningful revs to SOBI overseas till 2026, while Kineret's big pipeline could add meaningful revs to SVNT in 2014 and beyond. Last July(2012) SOBI announced excellent early study data for post ....Stroke recovery and for.... Epileptic seizures. The WHO estimates there are 15 mil stroke pts each yr resulting in 5 mil deaths and 5 mil severe disabilities. The growing aging pop should add to forward stroke estimates. Win/win for both companies.

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      • Last July(2012) SOBI reported in one study that Kineret rapidly terminated epileptic seizures and prevented their recurrence, and in a second study, reported that Kineret reduced post-stroke brain damage by around 50%. Also, besides expanding K's label into 1) induction and 2)organ transplant, they might also consider a ......3) tumor lysis syndrome(TLS) study given that (SNY's) Elitek's patent expires in 2016. In order for any of the above to happen SVNT must first-at a minimum-double K's price immediately. Doing so prior to the annual meeting would make sense. They could double the price again 3Q13 if they add a dialysis benefit to K's label. Both moves would send the price of K to around $15,000/dose by 4Q13. At that point, SVNT could self-finance label expansion and a modest EU launch one country at a time, while filing for mktg approval in Japan and elsewhere.

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    • Nice find meomy! Makes you wonder why EXEL sp is $4.59 and ours is 75 cents? kg

    • rodgers.david Mar 28, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

      thats about the correct pps for us.then when the shorts go ..its higher.the drug works and there are patients the problem is partnership and sales force.[management]thats all .its at least a 5 we shall see.

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    • I also think so. But what prevents the official news?