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    NICE - Technology Appraisal Committee Meeting (Committee C): Wednesday 13 March

    7. Appraisal of Pegloticase for treating severe debilitating chronic tophaceous gout

    Looks like below is soon addressed - next week at above meeting.

    Seeking alpha - Q4 CC

    "All right. So how about European partnership discussions – any updates there?

    Louis Ferrari - President, Chief Executive Officer
    Yeah. We have had a number of offers come in. I think there’s a couple of things to remember here, that some of it is within our control, some of it is not in our control. I think a number of people that have put forth, if you will, proposals to us, some of them may be waiting to see what NICE is going to do in terms of reimbursement. We don’t have a final, if you will, number from NICE or what that number may look like, so I think there may be some people who are waiting to see. Obviously that affects what the deal could look like or the net profit, if you will, from both companies sharing in this, so I think that’s probably pushed us back a little bit. What I can tell you is that we not only had interest in Europe but we’ve also had a lot of interest recently in rest of world along with that. So we’ll let you know as that goes on. Most importantly, though – it’s got to be a good deal for both Savient and the partner going forward.

    And could you remind us when you will hear from NICE?

    Louis Ferrari - President, Chief Executive Officer
    I believe that we will be hearing from NICE—it’s in the short term. It’s not that far off in the future. I thought that sometime around the end of April is when we’d expect to hear from NICE, so hopefully we’ll have a better idea as this progresses what that date might be. But I think it will be sometime around the end of April.

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