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  • meomyomeo5 meomyomeo5 Apr 11, 2013 6:42 PM Flag

    Barclays Equitiy Compass Share Buyback Fund Including SVNT in Fund

    From the Barclays prospectus:
    "The Level of the Index Will Depend Upon the Success of the EquityCompass Share Buyback Strategy —The Index is based on the EquityCompass Share Buyback Strategy, which seeks to capture the returns that may be available from investing in a selected basket of stocks of up to 30 companies with the most significant share buyback announcements in the three months prior to the relevant index portfolio constitution date and which meet other eligibility requirements. The EquityCompass Share Buyback Strategy is based on the premise that stocks of companies that announce share buybacks will perform well because share buybacks are a signal to the market that the management of a company believes the company’s shares are undervalued. This positive signal to the market may cause the value of the shares to rise after the share buyback announcement. However, the announcement of a share buyback within the relevant three month period and other selection criteria used by the EquityCompass Share Buyback Strategy may not be accurate predictors of future share performance. If the EquityCompass Share Buyback Strategy selects stocks that subsequently decline in value, the level of the Index will decline, which will have an adverse effect on the value of your Notes. "

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