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  • faz239 faz239 May 27, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    SVNT explosive stock in June. COmeback

    SVNT is a frsutrating stock for many shareholders speciall for short-term stock holders. The stock its at the lowest point and it can break at any time. It has all the candle chart indicatiosn to breakout. Recently, SVNT has played a very trendy game. It has few strong FDA drug candidates will surprise by the end of July, 2013. Historicall, it is one of those stock that goes really high and really low time after time. I believe June will be the ebest month for this stock in 2013. Once it reaches to avove 1.50 the stock will settle down and rest of its status will change on the research trials. The stock has a serious bullish sign and any good stock chart reader can easily identify that.

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    • DITTO. I think hhh is closer than faz in prediction but nice to see new folks recognizing SVNT again. We have more chance of going up considerably from here, than down. That's the only prediction I can make for sure. That and they better not sell out on the cheap after the Aug 6th Stockholder Rights Plan expires. kg

    • While I don't fully agree with your exact reasons(pumps?), your coincidence for a price rise for SVNT could be right. But then again, if it happens, we will both be right. ...Since the .50's price 2 weeks ago, I started coming here to propose also that SVNT is oversold, & a rally by early summer is likely (& posted my reasons). .70'+ minimum should occur as most bad news behind this stock in short term. Catalysts such as potential drug related news & partnerships could move up SVNT... (And I predicted CPRX @ .43, told people to sell at 1.00+, msg board posts prove it)

    • *yawning* Iheard enuf of this bs. I beleive it when I experience it.