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  • stockbulls8322 stockbulls8322 Jul 10, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    SVNT afterhours news

    SVMNT News @ Nasdaqnews, biz

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    • it's amazing that no other news outlet in the world has this after hours news - just your site. it's a good thing this isn't spam or anything. The world works much better because of selfless people like yourself.

    • pjclab Jul 10, 2013 7:04 PM Flag

      1st, let me say that that the yahoo message board board really sucks, It takes forever to get anything... next ,I went to my rheumatologist yesterday, after 2 major surgeries and 12 new pills , I have pain in my knees I]m not sure of the cause as I have been pain free for 2 years, being on allipurinol and colcrys. I asked him about savient , and he said he only reccommended the new drug once and the patient never followed through.. he also said that europe doesn]t like to spend money on expensive drugs.. any comments??? pat

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      • rodgers.david Jul 10, 2013 10:26 PM Flag

        Thank's the company's fault they don't market well or such at all. They are ruining a great mirakr for the human race due t o the casino game's a shame .

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      • Pjclab,

        Thank you for joining us on the SVNT message board! Sorry to hear about your health issues with Gout. We sincerely hope you get help with that.. We also hope you'll find this message board useful and that you'll continue to join us.

        Here you will find technically savvy medical / pharma investors, and some that know the medical ins & outs of KRYSTEXXA (K) for RFG very well. I don't have that background myself but I have held the SVNT(BTGC) stock as an investor for 16 years since 1997.

        SVNT investors on this board are all very interested in any questions or problems that RFG patients might be experiencing trying to get 'K' prescribed and/or insurance reimbursement issues. Of course none of us here are the authority on any of this. You will have to discuss that with your Doctor and the Savient Co itself. But we're all intensely interested here in your patient experiences with 'K'. So fire away anytime on this board.


      • That is the fear among the doctors. If they shock the patients with such expensive therapy they are going to do something about their image. The patient might not show up again.