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  • mcj96 mcj96 Jul 24, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    Dr Meeker is CEO of the largest orphan drug co in the world......

    Meeker knows how to correctly price small, rare disease therapies like K........Once Meeker & Co pull the trigger, this ugly duckling will look beautiful, especially after mgt guides profitablity next yr.....Once this occurs, SVNT will trade for AT LEAST...3-4x sales or at about a......$300 mil mkt cap.........Stick around.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Why do you think he had not pulled the trigger already? Meeker knows how to correctly price small, rare disease therapies like K. This is why there have already been at least 2 price increases since he joined the BOD last January. Meeker knows that for a drug like K, insurance will pay for only gradual limited price increases.

    • however he is on leave from Genzyme and working full time on SVNT even though he is a non-employee Dir. (essentially, according to some on this mb)

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      • I get your sarcasm, but please keep in mind, Meeker was never and currently not a director of any public company, except Savient. Why? Not for director fees, that's for sure.

      • Back : Let's be real....Meeker was hired because he gives SVNT a level of respectability that SVNT previously lacked and -most importantly-he knows every big pharma ceo in the world on a first name basis from all the conferences he's attended over the years.That said, if Meeker calls will pick up the phone and hear him out......The same IMO could not be assured if he wasn't there. Meeker = Deal. $4-$6/sh is my humble bet sometime before YE.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • A BCRX-like move should be expected going forward.......Hold on tight.

    • I hate this question but I'm going to ask anyway....I bought and sold SRPT four times. If you look at their over the last year and half you can see why. I would've made so much more had I held my orig position. During that time, no one on any board thought it would run to $46 bucks. That was just stupid to think. Now with SVNT, when things turn around, how high could this go in the next year? What's a good exit price?


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      • SVNT has no exit is just a blackhole that is going through a transition from bankruptcy to BK declaration. I would advise you to wait untill 2 qtrs before investing ur hard earned money on this..Investing in STOCK 101: Never invest on a penny stock and only invest that you can afford to lose..Now we are hooked to SVNT becoz when we bought SVNT it wasnt a penny stock.....

        Q1 changed everything...No partnership in future, slumping sales, no label expansion and massive debt with dwindling cash...SVNT is doomed to fail if nothing happens in Q2...

      • Excellent question worth it's own Topic. Try posting this as a new Topic creek. Love to get in on that one! kg

    • And mind you.....we will go to that approximate mkt cap WITHOUT........a buyout. With a buyout or partnership deal we will obviously go up higher..........How much so is the real question..........Why the hell does ARNA have a $1.4+BILLION mkt cap ????