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  • njerseyguy22 njerseyguy22 Oct 16, 2013 2:56 PM Flag

    Amazing how this corrupt company SVNT got away with this, Nice scam

    Amazing how this corrupt company SVNT got away with this, Nice scam! Lets face it, the product doesn't do many people good and a cost over 5 grand per dose from what i read id a joke. These insider company ponzi artists drove the comapny stock up, pocketed millions over the years, and now selling out the company in bankruptcy The looser shareholders, like myself, wiped out an entire segment of my retirement account! Left me holding an empty bag that is worthless. These #$%$ that profited have a nice nest egg, large homes and relaxing with no worries.

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    • rodgers.david Oct 18, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

      Call sec and make sure you get in o. The class action suit .....this is criminal

    • njerseyguy22, I've taken the liberty of adding your id to my list of messengers here potentially interested in pursuing a Stock Holders Class Action. I've put you down as a MAYBE. Let me know if that changes. kg

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      • rodgers.david Oct 18, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

        Yes .organize a class action the sec and finra and Palo Alto the fraud tht shareholders got heisted and is is a fraud.and they will sell us down the river by Lazard at auction ere will be nothing left on the table for shareholders if we all do not contact e funds and ask if they are going to write off their losses or initiate a class action suit and sec ad there must be a block of their Lazard auction there will be nothing left on e table after Lazard auctions this for shareholders and call savient nvestor services 732. -418-9300 ask them and Lazard call Lazard ..what are the parameters of the sale and how do,they account for the outstanding shares help as principal equity of the company we the shareholders and the institutions and funds own the company .the are criminalsDoooo something .imhave I contacted everyone reported the heist it's so obvious .the charts tel it all they got pressured by the bond holders and no one saw it coming not even the funds and institutions We all got creamed .so we must do something.

    • njersey, Join the club! My 20K shrs $92,800 cost basis is now worth $1400! After waiting 16 years I'm now down $91,400! I won't sell! The ship can sink to the bottom but Savient and the corrupt system run wild that allows this to happen will be dealing with me for an eternity from Hel-! kg

    • Krystexxa is a viable drug for sufferers from refractive gout. Thanks for your financial support in investing in Savient and bringinging Krystexxa to the market. During its existence, twice the SVNT stock went from the low single digit to the twenties, so there was ample money to be made. Those who had stayed "long and strong" to the end, unfazed by the company financial performance, have lost.