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  • djk69_yum djk69_yum Jan 3, 1999 2:11 PM Flag

    Schein's Steris Labs and Delatestryl(R)

    John J.
    I now have confirmation
    of this.
    A couple of months ago my pharmacy told
    me they were unable to refill my prescription, as
    their suppliers were out of stock. At that time, the
    pharmacist told me the rumor mill had it that the feds were
    cracking down on the manufacturers because the stuff was
    getting into illegal channels. (Testosterone is popular
    among weightlifters.)
    I called my doc and he hadn't
    heard any such problems. To get me by he simply sold me
    a bottle from his supply.
    That was a couple
    months ago. I stopped at the pharmacy several times
    since then, always inquiring if they were able to get
    it. The pharmacist always checked in the computer for
    me, but they still could not get it. This is an old
    pharmacy that has been in business for 100+ years --
    second generation pharmacist. The pharmacist told me he
    was able to manufacture it himself, but wouldn't fill
    my prescription that way without an OK from my doc.
    Since my doc had supplied me himself, there was no need
    for him to give the pharmacist the OK.
    The other
    day I used the last shot in the bottle my doc sold
    me. First I called the pharmacy to see if there was
    any last-minute news. The pharmacist said he was
    still unable to get it. Then he told me that the
    manufacturer of the bottle my doc had sold me (I had shown it
    to th pharmacist earlier) had just been closed down
    by the feds. Then I dropped in to see my doc to get
    another bottle. This time the story was different. My doc
    was now able to confirm the problem. Evidently the
    pharmacist was slightly incorrect. One manufacturer (Steris,
    one of the largest) was, indeed, closed down by the
    feds. Not for letting the stuff get into illegal
    channels, but because of impurities, and failing to keep
    accurate records of sales so they could do a proper
    recall. In addition, my doc said there was
    large facility that blew down in a hurricane or
    something. He didn't say what manufacturer that was.
    we have two large production facilities suddenly out
    of the
    picture. The price in the marketplace has
    doubled because of the
    shortage. My doc sold me one
    bottle from his limited supply, and gave me a scrip for
    two bottles and wished me luck seeing if I could get
    it filled. I promised to keep him informed if I find
    a pharmacy in town with any left.
    I also
    mentioned to my doc that my regular pharmacist is willing
    to manufacture it. The doc said he also knew of a
    couple other
    pharmacists who are manufacturing it,
    but we want to try to find a regular source if we
    can. If we can't, we'll just go to the pharmacy and
    let them make it for us. According to my doc, the
    only problem with having the pharmacy make it is that
    he is worried about impurities.
    But hey, Steris
    was evidently shipping the stuff with
    anyway <shrug>.
    So that's the story, gents. Get
    it if you can. It may be a while
    before the
    supply normalizes again.

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    • Richwine
      A good and decent
      manufactuer of testosterone enanthate is Schein
      Pharmaceuticals. They meet the high standards that the
      VeteransAdministration requires. I know, I am a veteran and have been
      taking shotsfor two years now.


      Yes, but good luck finding it. I scored the last
      bottle in this cityjust this morning. Called over 50
      pharmacies and only one bottle leftin town.Steris is another
      manufacturer, but they were just shut down by thefeds for
      impurities, and failing to keep adequate records so theycould
      do a proper recall. I'd stay away from their product
      unless it'sall you can find. Shein is good quality,


      I use Trstosterone Enanthate injectable made by
      SCHEIN. I just wrote them and asked about availability. I
      will post back here when I get a reply.


      I can anticipate what they will say. They will tell
      you that theirplants are working at full capacity,
      but they are unable to supply allthe current demand.
      Two other large manufacturers are suddenly out
      ofbusiness -- one closed down by the feds, and another blew
      down in ahurricane or something.Shein is good quality,
      but they do not have adquate capacity to absorbthe
      void in the market left by those other two large
      manufacturers.There are many local pharmacists who can manufacture
      it, however. Theyneed the doctor's OK, but that is
      probably what most of us will haveto do in the short term
      until supplies normalize again.