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  • sogen65 sogen65 Jan 1, 2000 8:45 PM Flag

    Effect of Post on this Message Board

    Does anyone on this board really think that the posts on this board materially effect the price of BTGC stock?? What a joke!!

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    • Based on the latest quarterly report, AndroTab is
      dead, no mention at all. SOD is still in development,
      but at least 2 years from anything meaningful. My
      guess is AndroTab was so mismanaged in development it's
      not worth the trouble or expense to develop. SOD was
      screwed-up as well but still shows promise in a market
      segment that could prove something.

    • DAMN, I think I just wet myself!!!!

    • What is the status now?.......I remember them going back to the drawing board but haven't heard since. Maybe the new volitility means good news from those two products. Comments?

    • The reason the stock price fell off starting in
      1997's 1st quarter, was the news from FDA regarding
      Androtab (BTGC's viagra) followed by FDA's finding that
      Oxsodrol had to be reexamined. And, yes, BTGC had a net
      operating loss carryforward that was used up when they
      started producing taxable income.

    • BTGC had no income tax to pay as a result of tax credit which was realized in that quarter

    • That is interesting - the 32 cents prior to
      catapult. DOn't recall the reason either. I do know that
      BTGC was in Fidelity's S&P Newsletter
      spotlight/recommendations starting in 1996. That's why I initially bought.

      For other's responidng - my original post was not a
      call for "concern", rather just noting the time period
      for the last major run up to 16 coinciding with
      Jan/Feb. This might be a good time of year for BTGC or
      biotech sector in general. This was the question/issue I
      was raising.

    • I can't remember what news releases hit BTGC back
      then, but rather than questioning the catapult in share
      price, I would ask why the following drop to $5.
      Following are the sales and earnings figures from 1994 to
      now. Notice the 32 cent eps for Q 4 of

      Revenue (Million $)
      1999 1998 1997 1996 1995
      Q1 20.23 17.44 14.77 10.71 5.75 5.68
      Q2 22.88
      18.65 15.69 12.19 7.29 7.76
      Q3 27.48 19.57 17.92
      12.13 5.06 1.90
      Q4 NA 21.20 15.24 12.67 9.86 2.10

      Year NA 76.86 63.62 47.74 27.96 17.44

      Per Share ($)
      1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994
      0.08 0.07 0.07 0.02 0.01 -0.02
      Q2 0.10 0.09 0.08
      0.06 0.01 0.01
      Q3 0.12 0.10 0.09 0.07 -0.02 -0.12

      Q4 NA 0.10 0.05 0.32 0.08 0.10
      Year NA 0.36 0.28
      0.47 0.08 0.23

      Does anyone remember what the 32
      cent figure was from? Maybe some milestone

    • Seems to me this company has used the past 3
      years to expand their pipeline and market penetration,
      build cash reserves and do the prep work for
      acquisitions. You won't see it falling to $4 again unless some
      DNA cat burglar does a black bag job on BTGC's labs
      instead of a university... a scenario I think is rather
      unlikely. And, I believe there's a poison pill in place to
      dissuade takeovers. (thank goodness)

      "Higher highs
      and higher lows"

    • Why should 2000 be at all similar to 1997? I
      wasn't following BTGC back then, but I'm not aware of
      any major parallels. Obviously, some really bad news
      could set us back, resulting in a flat, or down, year.
      If, however, things continue to unfold as has been
      prognosticated by Mgmt, I don't see the concern. I'll have to
      have something other than "it happened before" before
      I get concerned.


    • I find this interesting since I bought 3000
      shares at 16.25 in March of

      Notice how Jan - Feb 3rd, 1997 the price catapulted and
      peaked. Maybe Yr2K the same? Comments/Opinions please...

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