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  • Ultimate_Conundrum Ultimate_Conundrum Feb 10, 2000 7:13 PM Flag

    Anyone else receive...

    ...the Warburg Dillon Read research in the mail?

    Interesting 28-page read.


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    • Is this something you ordered, or was it
      delivered via BTGC? If the latter, I'm a street-name
      shareholder, so it sometimes takes a while to get things
      forwarded via my broker.

      If the former, I'd be
      interested in any synopsis you may care to post, or if you
      think it's really worthwhile, I might want to order it


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      • This isthe story that appeared in late December
        1999. It clearly states the 4th quarter will be a loss.
        Total earnings for year around 26 cents a share.
        Already earned about 29. Therefore a loss of a few cents
        in the cards for the 4th quarter.

        N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 29, 1999--Bio-Technology General
        (NASDAQ:BTGC - news) today commented that it anticipates full
        year 1999 revenues of
        approximately $84 million
        compared to $77 million in 1998. Despite the growth in
        earnings for the year are expected to be between $0.08 and
        $0.11 lower than the 1998 EPS of
        $0.36. The
        Company's revenue growth and EPS were adversely impacted by
        the previously
        announced reduction of Oxandrin�
        inventory, amounting to more than $15 million, by
        Company's distributor for the product, Olsten Health
        Services, Inc. Additional contract revenues
        from new
        strategic alliances anticipated to be concluded by the end
        of the fourth quarter were
        expected to cover much
        of the Oxandrin inventory-related shortfall. While
        not yet concluded, the
        Company is continuing to
        pursue these new relationships.

        In commenting on
        the anticipated results, Sim Fass, Chairman and CEO
        of Bio-Technology General
        Corp., stated: ``The
        1999 results essentially reflect the impact of what we
        believe to be a temporary
        inventory adjustment
        situation. With Oxandrin prescriptions up by 28% in the
        first eleven months of
        1999 compared to the first
        eleven months of 1998, and end user sales for the full
        year 1999
        expected to be up by 24%, our Oxandrin
        business continues to demonstrate robust growth.
        should translate into a significant increase in Oxandrin
        sales to our distributor in 2000 as both
        absorption of the excess inventory is completed, and sales
        to Olsten fully reflect the growing end
        sales. Moreover, we anticipate further development of
        the commercial potential for Oxandrin,
        to be
        accomplished by an increase in the size of the Company's sales
        force and expansion of sales
        activity into the wound
        care sector.''

        Dr. Fass added: ``Several new
        key strategic alliances, some of which were expected
        to generate
        contract revenues in the fourth
        quarter of 1999, are in the process of advanced
        negotiations. We
        look forward to their consummation in 2000,
        and we remain very confident that 2000 will be
        record year for BTG in terms of revenues, product sales,
        and earnings. We have every expectation
        that, with
        the inventory reduction completed and the current
        growth rate of our product sales, we will
        be able to
        deliver on our commitment of accelerated growth in

        Bio-Technology General Corp., a leading
        biopharmaceutical company, develops, manufactures and
        genetically engineered and other products for human health
        care. The Company's products
        are marketed in over
        thirty countries worldwide.

        Statements in this
        news release concerning the Company's business outlook
        or future economic
        performance, anticipated
        profitability, revenues, expenses or other financial items; and
        concerning assumptions made or expectations as to any future
        events, conditions, performance or
        other matters, are
        ``forward-looking statements'' as that term is defined under the
        Federal Securities
        Laws. Forward-looking statements
        are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors
        which could
        cause actual results to differ
        materially from those stated in such statements. Such risks,
        and factors include, but are not limited to, changes
        and delays in product development plans
        schedules, customer acceptance of new products, changes in
        pricing or other actions by
        competitors, patents owned
        by the Company and its competitors, and general
        economic conditions,
        as well as other risks detailed in
        the Company's filings with the Securities and
        Exchange Commission.

    • I have not received the Warburg paper work you refer to. Is it somthing dealing with BTGC?

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      • Draxis Health Starts Phase III Fibrimage
        MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- Draxis Health Inc. (DRAX)
        said its Draximage Inc. radiopharmaceutical subsidiary
        has started Phase III
        clinical trials in Canada
        for Fibrimage, a diagnostic tool for deep vein
        thrombosis, or DVT.
        In a news release, the drug company
        said the trial should involve 130 patients and be
        completed by the end of the year.
        DVTs are blood clots
        that form in the lower limbs and can lead to a
        pulmonary embolism, or a blockage of blood flow to the
        lungs, a
        condition that kills about 200,000 people a
        year in the U.S., it said.
        It said Fibrimage is
        based on Fibrin Binding Domain, a recombinant
        polypeptide developed by Bio-Technology General Corp.

        (BTGC) and licensed to Draximage on an exclusive,
        worldwide basis

    • BTGC never posts Q4 numbers .. rather they just
      post 12 month totals ... forcing you or i to back out
      the cumulative numbers from Q3 to get the respective
      revs, EPS, etc. in Q4 ... never understood why they do
      this ...

    • You must have a pretty high opinion of

      I'd say riding this piece of s---- for 3 yrs at no
      gain is long enough. The 3 yrs stagnation speaks for
      itself regardless of the investor. Everyone's investment
      scenario/objectives/methods are different. If I'm so stupid and irresponsible
      then how'd I manage a 1300 % gain in my net position
      over the last 15 months?

    • The earnings were what they projected. At this
      point too much emphasis is being placed on EPS. What I
      want to see is higher sales and R&D

      If I am going to invest in biotech I am not looking
      to double my money, I am looking for a 10 fold
      increase (at least). This is a young company with the
      original management running it. As BTG grows, more
      professional and Sophisticated employees will be hired that
      know how to rum a public company. For instance,
      established companies know when their auditors will sign off
      because there is an agreed upon date. Everyone knows what
      the date is.

      In regards to share price
      potential, right now biotech is loved which helps the price.
      BTG is relatively cheap compared to other pharm.
      companies. If the gap increases regardless of the "posion
      pill" BTG will be gobbled up. The fact that they are
      based in NJ helps since so many major Pharm. co's are
      in NJ. R&D lab based in Isreal a big +. There is a
      lot of talent out there.

      BTG pipeline is
      extended out quite far into 2000's. But if they can market
      better what they already have sales would rise. Any
      larger company could do a better job.

      BTG sitting
      on a lot of cash but they do not know how to spend
      it. They may have missed the opportunity to buy cheap
      biotech companies or late stage drugs. At this point they
      should forget about earnings and step up the pace in

      I think that DNA will not be able to appeal (my
      wish) because of all the bad press surrounding HGH.
      This could prove to be a real positive even though DNA
      has a lock on the market.

      If you are looking
      for great earnings and a pop in price in 2000 I would
      be surprised.

      Good luck to all longs!

    • UC,

      I don't mean to get you mad. I have
      owned this stock since the David Blech

      When I say BTG is a young company I am comparing BTG
      to companies in general, not necessarily to biotech

      I am not "bad mouthing" the company but they have
      made missteps in announcing their intentions as if
      they were imminent.

      With that said I think BTG
      has a lot of potential. I do not mind your opinion, I
      hope you can respect mine.


    • Sheesh, I hope you realize how many graves you
      set to spinning with that idea. :-)

      apologize if I was one of those who ripped into you way
      back when. I follow too many boards to remember which
      posters I've rubbed the wrong way or which I've
      befriended. stock_it_to_me_2000 may hold a grudge but I'll
      likely forget about this set to by the time I wake up

      There's a fellow on LIFC who apparently
      shorted it several times, but he just said he was out
      when it recently started moving up again. That's what
      keeps me from trying my hand at it... the fear that the
      stock so close to announcing profitability (or a j/v or
      FDA approval) wouldn't come back down.

      to a profitable week.

    • You must be on cloud 9 with IDX ... followed it a
      few years ago ... had a good run back in '95 then a
      roller coaster the past few years ... almost a double
      this month alone ... now if MLOG can move ... i see
      you apparently are in that too, as it am (at 1 3/16)


    • Your "4 months ago" date sorta threw me. I agree
      that Mgmt's past perfomance has left questions of
      credibility, but they seem a little more appreciative of being
      able to follow up on promises. I didn't develop any
      anticipation of particulars from that press release, other
      "some good things are in the works". I'm also not
      reading much into "several" new key strategic alliances.
      Right now, the only things I'm looking for imminently
      are the annoucement of a marketing alliance for
      BioHepB, and a strategy for marketing HGH in US (unless
      DNA is successful in blocking that

      I'm certainly open to pleasant surprises if anything
      else pops in the short-term. I do think that for 2000,
      BTG really needs to meet, and hopefully slightly beat
      earnings estimates, and also to make something "new"
      happen in the form of selling the Hep B vaccine and/or
      establishing a foothold in the HGH market (no matter how
      small) in US.


    • i'm amazed at those who take shots at you ... at
      least you post value added information ... and bozos
      like stock_it_to_me_2000 seem to have a chip on their
      shoulder or have a real "nned" to talk in a condescending
      manner ... of course i recall when a few people ripped
      into me when i thought BTGC was a good short way back
      when ... and even though i was long i will on occasion
      play the short side (short term) ... but man, do
      people have a need to rant and rave when someone doesn't
      see things as they do ...

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