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  • linacman linacman Mar 3, 2000 2:55 AM Flag

    ADMI moving fast.

    Matrox is the name of a Canadian company that
    makes excellent video cards. They are a bit
    conservative and thus tend not to be "at the bleeding edge"
    speed wise, but they make very high quality, fast
    cards. Any search on the WEB should give you some sites
    that carry their cards or go to for
    info and their online store ($100 to $200

    Video cards are easy to change(just unplug old one and
    plug in the new one). Cost effective? For pure
    internet use, probably not. If you use MS Office programs
    or similiar, it will speed things up if your
    existing card is not a high end one. Also remember that if
    you have and older system (ISA or PCI video) you will
    not be able to use a fast Matrox Mellennium G400 (AGP
    style video card).

    If unsure ask Gateway to tell
    you what type of video cards your system will

    Hope this helps.