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  • Isnuffy Isnuffy Feb 13, 2001 11:15 AM Flag

    Boy am I edgy

    That's rather interesting that the article even mentions BTGC. I don't really see the connection other than to show that Teva has already shown some interest in biotechnology.

    Take another valium, U_C, and sit back and relax. I really don't expect this announcement to be any more exciting than the last 3. Our best bet is to have some *good* news for the future...

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    • Valium is so "california". FWIW- I eschew Brave New World routes to tranquility. I rarely even partake of "Old World" remedies, 'cause wearing lampshades can be so embarassing.

      Do agree with you about expectations... IMHO, barring a huge earnings surprise (attributable to the new sales mediums) coupled with demonstrable future potential (i.e., a Slim quote such as "Not only are we seeing tremedous success from our new sales teams, but we project accelerating growth in scripts in the new markets.") BTGC won't do much.

      I'm just edgy because (sad tale sung by many), my portfolio has sucked mostly exhaust fumes lo these many months. Now I have a project that requires immediate cash, BTGC is my ATM, and I'd like to withdraw some cash at $10-$12 rather than $7.

      ~ Cheers