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  • d_buffs d_buffs Dec 17, 1999 4:03 PM Flag

    For all

    of you rocket scientists out there who complain
    about manipulation and in the same post say things like
    "I sold all my shares and now I am going to buy back
    when it hits ___" well, this is the point. And by the
    way, this is a low volume, low float stock. Yes, the
    mm's do play some games with this one, but you people
    who give up your shares are suppling the enemy with
    arms. The mm's will take your shares, sell them to
    whatever buyers they have, and keep the rest in the
    holster. When the buying has run its coarse, as it always
    will with a quiet story like this, they start firing
    back. Most of you pat yourself on the back that you see
    the pattern and got out. YOU CREATE THE PATTERN. Hold
    onto you shares. There is nothing wrong with taking
    profits, but those of you who claim this is a long term
    hold, complain about manipulation are frustrating. Dont
    beat your head against a wall and then complain of the
    headache. Thankfully we will have coverage, and the
    increased volume it brings, and some of this will go away.
    In the meantime, be glad that there are some strong
    hands on this thing. It could be a lot worse. Have a
    nice weekend!

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    • I have been in since the beginning. Selling in
      the 30's was a smart thing. If I would have held I
      would have got screwed like some did. It was fairly
      obvious that the mm's would drive down the price this
      week due to options. When you deal with margin. as I
      do, it is smart selling and then buying back cheaper.
      I saved myself a lot of money by doing this. No
      matter what the stock was going to go down. The mm's
      would drive it down no matter what. So I have to
      disagree with you somewhat.

      With that said. I have
      never looked to get in and out of this stock. I'm with
      this one until 100.

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      • I am not one to sell for foolish prices like now.
        I did not sell while the stock was falling but
        rather when it was rising so I was not really hurting
        the price. There were plenty of takers at the time.
        Plus lots of institutions are buying and will hold
        their shares for a long time.

        Just my take. I
        love this company and am long term.

        Plus, as
        Kem also said, I am an active trader. My number one
        goal is to MAXIMIZE profits. So whatever I need to do,
        I will do. So don't sit here and tell me I'm
        driving the price down. Do you think someone as small as
        I really has any control of the stock price? Not a
        chance. I am nothing in the mix. Just small time compared
        to most. This stock is clearly controlled by the
        market makers. Anyone who watches it knows it. The thin
        float allows the mms to manipulate it as the

        Good luck to all, I hope everyone makes as much money
        as possible.

    • Your point is taken but I, for one, am a
      professional trader and live off the proceeds of my trading.
      PAMC has been one my primary trading stocks this year.
      It trades in recognizable swings and I must take
      profits when a move appears to have petered out and then
      buy back in.

      I realize that's irritating to
      investors and long time holders but I try to contribute
      what I can to the knowlege base regarding what to
      expect in terms of technical analysis, games played
      during the day by the various market makers, etc. I
      can't afford to ride up and down since I live on the
      proceeds of my trading.

      One perspective.

    • ... but I don't think anyone's in it for the
      My guess is the only time we'll stop hearing
      whining is if it goes "to da mooooooon".

      let's not dwell on these things - the weekend is here
      and Christmas is right around the corner. My plane
      ticket south is burning a whole in my pocket and long
      johns. I'll be checking in from the

      Have a good weekend everyone!