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  • golda_meir2 golda_meir2 Feb 21, 2000 8:54 PM Flag

    Last One from Me and it is about EMIS

    or the TRUTH.

    Long term "investors"
    should not concern themselves with what analysts say or
    what a stock price does on daily, weekly, or even
    monthly basis. Bottom line is crap floats on top for
    awhile until it dissolves, lead sinks, and cream always
    rises to the top.

    There was alot of whining and
    crying over here about that ever elusive "market maker
    manipulation." I hear that from every day trader who can't make
    enough money or Joe 6 pack who loses his because he buys
    on hype. Market makers TRADE for a living. You go up
    against them for fun or mon, you take your chances.
    Should not cry and whine about it, or if you do, make
    sure you trash the right one. Bear was not "messing"
    with this stock and everyone knows it. Other houses
    were, call the SEC and complain.

    On hype,
    Levitt says you fly it you buy it. DTCI may be an okay
    firm. It now has a hype reputation. Using Gary Craft's
    name all over the place. Gary is going to hype this.
    Gary is going to pump this. Gary this and and Gary
    that. If Gary wants to pump it, have Gary put his own
    $10 million on the line and buy a big block. That
    will pump it alot more than some "STRONG BUY" that may
    or may not ever be issued or $100 plus pie in the
    sky price target. Who know where it will trade in a
    year? No one knows.

    We have no issues with
    DCTI. The hype may not have helped the stock price
    long. Serious investors and fund AVOID stocks with hype
    and day traders all over it. Same over here and JWG,
    it got too much day trader hype. Once the hype
    settles, real money will load it.

    Day traders
    don't bother us. They make us rich. Churn those
    volumes. But don't cry if you get clipped. If you do get
    clipped then squawk to the SEC. They get paid to protect
    you. If you tell them you lost money day trading or
    playign some tip off a chat board they will laugh and
    say, too bad. Go to Vegas next time you want to

    Secretariat and JagMik did not hype this stock. they put out
    honest information and opinions. Bear was early on the
    investment opinion just like they were on LDP. Both long
    term good in my opinion. Don't know about DCTI and
    really do not care. Wish everyone the very best.

    Do think bragging about new toys and spreading
    "here's what some analyst is going to pump" is kids'
    stuff. If we say someone is going to hype or load, you
    can take that to the bank because we got it directly
    from the source. TRY 962 on NPSP, take it or LEHve it.

    Think there are nice people over here who may have been
    led astray by their own "friends." Gary, if you know
    these people, then tell them "ebonics" talk and
    Hispanic talk is not professional. Who knows what
    someone's background is anyone. Best to leave that for
    offthread, isn't it? And the baby and honey talk is fine if
    you know whom you are speaking to, otherwise, sir or
    ma'am or maybe the person's handle is suitable. For
    people who seem to know and like each other, you day
    traders and rookies sure squabble alot amongst
    yourselves. Maybe you ought to really get to know exactly who
    you are chatting with.

    Best wishes to all,
    even the day traders. Worse ways to make a living I am
    sure. For those who enjoyed the IDC pump and all the
    red hot bios like CYTO and EMIS and ARIA, great....we
    liked them, too. Maybe even still like some long.
    SCONes can be frozen to thaw out later and re-heat.
    CRYing about missing them them the first time does not
    work. CRYogen, the sub-zero connection. Room temp
    superconductors, the next generation. Playing near an IPO near
    you, soon.

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    • Nice post young lady. By the way DCTI was no more
      hyped than CNRS. You don't here me crying and whinning
      about the BEAR connection to CNRS and all the hype
      there . A matter of fact I like what I see there hype
      or not and have managed to trade the stock to keep
      my shares and not lose money while it falls. Hype is
      sometime another word for attracting attention to a stock
      and as an investor you need to see if the stock has
      merit. Often it is the passing of information one gets
      from what one believes is a reliable source. Someone
      hyped UREC to me and i loaded up on it because I liked
      what I saw. A week later it moved from .16 to 2$. I
      have made well over 400% since OCT on stocks that no
      Main street trader has probably ever heard of. ALl
      trading under 30 with the exception of HAXS. Many moved
      from 2 to the 20's. Edig, SDWSF,BTWS to name a few.
      All the while with IMO very little risk. GOod luck to
      you !!!

      • 1 Reply to devinr92
      • This "new" group is better fodder than the "old"
        group, aka. LINDA LOVELACE and RUSTY ZIPPERLIPS crowd.
        The retorts that are being extracted from these "guys
        and dolls" is entertainment of the highest calibre.
        The past few days this board has had me laughing so
        hard my eyes leaked!!!! Go HAXS....Go CDTS....Go
        BLDP....Go TERN....Go UCI....Go ITRU....Go

    • ROOTS? I'm there.

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