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  • park245avenuetrader park245avenuetrader Mar 14, 2000 11:03 AM Flag

    SYBB Sheepheard for Gary and Kerry

    STOP the daytrading now, kids. Grow up, Barry had
    a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Barry had
    a little lamb its fleece was was "white" as snow.

    24 to 26 is 12, half is 6 or 18. Now if you truly
    beLEHve, the daytrading must stop. SYBB up and printed 1.5
    times normal. The SternYid set the speed limit min for
    the EMIS at 70.

    No more freebies for kiddies.
    Grow up, people.

    212-272-2911. Daytraders play
    scam stocks like FNCM, baaaad biz to daytrade, kids.
    Baaaaad biz. HAXS has a sector issue and everyone with
    any intelligence knows markets trade in sectors.

    Steve and I plan to have alot of fun this weekend. Now
    you kids need to find playgrounds and playmates at
    your own speed for a change.

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