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  • garywisdom garywisdom May 19, 2000 5:08 PM Flag

    Hi Linda, I still thinóÿÿÿ's going

    to $100. You can cover your short there if you

    However, in the meantime, who knows what will happen (go
    to $100)

    But I'll tell you this: if you are
    short and didn't cover yet, you're a bigger fool than
    you are a whore.

    Any major news on Monday and
    you're screwed.

    $700,000 of trades done today.
    Not enough for you to feel confident about.

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    • >>garywisdom wrote . .
      >> Food for thought going forward. Right now,

      >> I don't have a big enough position to move

      >> the stock a 1/32. Then again, I'd need a

      >> million shares at this point to do that,

      >> right?

      Seems to me if you want to move
      this stock down, I've seen a thousan shares or two do
      quite nicely. You only need a few million if you want
      it to move UP.

    • my news shows a Stephens research report dated 5-16, has anyone seen this, is it old report?

    • We all know that if a drunk driver plowed into
      him, his spouse (is it possible?) or kid (now that's a
      scary thought) that this person would turn to a
      "slimebucket" to put the drunk SOB away for life and would turn
      to another "slimebucket" to try to take every last
      penny away from him. Or, if some crooked cop stomped
      his _________ (black, Hispanic, etc.) ass into the
      ground without justification, he would turn to another
      "slimebucket" to go after the racist sonofabitch.

      course, with 0098's brilliance, he would probably call an
      insurance agent who would convince him things are much
      worse than they really are and who would then sell him
      a policy to cover the situaiton "the next time
      something like this happens."

    • How long have you been disbarred?

      Again you post with absolutely no facts upon which to base your conclusion. At least you are consistent in your display of the depths of your ignorance.

    • It would appear that you are a raceist. What is wrong with being black?

    • Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?

    • If you are a lawyer, you are most likely a slimebucket. IMHO of course :)

    • You've been a real jerk all along, Mr. 0098, and
      now you suggest something is true where you have
      absoultely no facts to support such a

      Unlike some attorneys, I don't take any cases I don't
      believe in and have never taken in nor referred out a
      breast implant case. That's why I'd have made a lousy
      criminal defense attorney, I suppose.

      Almost all
      of my cases are handled on a contingency basis and I
      advance all costs most of the time. In some cases I have
      had over $30,000 of my own money invested in the
      litigation. I don't know how any attorney could put that kind
      of money into a case unless he truly believed in the
      merits. It's called putting your money where your mouth
      is - something few in real life actually ever do. As
      I said, "How much do you want to bet?"

    • That's a great idea (filling them with play

      That way, you can have your honey press her tits on a
      comic strip and you can read the funnies off her while
      you're doing the nasty!!!

      I know it's sick BUT

    • I must have missed something along the way! I
      keep reading all of these posts that refer to breast
      implants, and I can't figure out where it all started. So
      I'll give my view as a 30-something married male with
      2 kids. I think breast implants are the greatest
      invention in the world, but I feel sorry for the women that
      have them and then have health problems. Breast
      implants are a choice; like drinking and driving, you
      don't have to do choose to do it. If a woman
      wants breast implants and later has problems, she
      should have every right in the world to sue anyone that
      is at fault. Actually the whole thing confuses
      me..can't they come up with a product that is completely
      safe to put into the human body? Look at
      play-doh...your kid can eat a gallon of the stuff and nothing
      happens. Why not feel the implants with play-doh, it's got
      a good texture, it's pliable and it even smells
      good! I'm kidding of course, but I thought we could all
      take a break from the tension on this board for a
      minute or two. Have a great weekend.

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