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  • tfberryd tfberryd Jan 30, 2007 6:56 PM Flag

    alumilli supports little Adolph and ITS TERRORISM


    Hey BUTTHOLE, it is PATHETIC that YOU TRY to claim others "need help" while it is YOUR PATHETIC excuse for a carcus that SUPPORTS little Adolph's TERRORISM and LIES. ASSHOLE, the bottom line is YOUR BOY and YOUR SICK, TWISTED little DELUSIONAL "brain" are supported by about 35% of the American people. Does that mean that 65% of the American people "need help"? ROTFLMAO!!

    YOU LOSE, BUTTHOLE, but at least YOU can take solace in that OTHERS are WASTING THEIR LIVES for YOUR BOY little Adolph and YOUR WORTHLESS life while YOU BOTH are safe! You truly are a "man", huh?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Actually squirt, my Daddy fought the real-life Adolph so that miscreants such as yourself could spend their days posting inane messages on this board rather than doing something constructive. And I, I got the Purple Heart in a far-off country while trying to figure out why JFK had to listen to his pappy telling him how the Christians were being killed off by Charlie.

      Keep posting least we know that while you're typing you're not bothering the ewe.