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  • yinyang01012000 yinyang01012000 Aug 9, 2002 11:34 AM Flag


    Goldman is holding it down here at 3.40......wonder why...maybe he doesnt want it to run more til the close...I afree.4 is VERY possible today and 4.50 if it gets thru 4 good luck longs

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    • What a ridiculous comparison... Microsoft's Portal is so weak. That CRM Reporter needs to buy a clue. If there is one thing the Gartner report did get right was the relative position of MS. As I've said all along though PTree is in the league of the heavy hitters with lots a bucks, IBM, BEA, MS, CA, Oracle, Sun and then the ankle biters, Epicentric, Viador or industry specific players like SAP, Tibco etc. Good luck.

      Now with that said exactly how many companies have successfully competed against Microsoft? The only one that did that I can recall was Citrix and then they were crushed for a while and then bounced back with some licensing legal wins that let them sell the stuff MS was going to embed.

      Out of the press release we do see an interesting direction indication where it mentions

      ". Among its new mid-market features is a gadget framework for Excel, which embeds in portal pages not only tables and charts from Microsoft Excel, but also data imported from Oracle, SAP and Siebel applications. "

      It seems the focus could be shifting on app integration at a tighter level, not a bad thing as pure portal is becoming a low cost commodity....thus the price pressure annoiuncement. Next thing you know Plumtree will have its own Reporting server of some sort. They already have a

      Gadget Server,
      App Server,
      Image Server,
      Shared Information Server,
      Job Server,
      Portal Server
      Authentication Server with associate LDAP Server,
      Crawler Web Services Server,
      Internal Win2k File Server,
      Collaboration Server (optional)

      It seems they really like the over-distributed approach after viewing their recent Extranet Portal White Paper. I would hate to show IT that diagram and have them ask how each one will failover seamlessly upon failure :-) This requires a great deal of hardware and management, confirmed by the sheer number of servers in place at Ford. As I've said before I'm not a big fan of an overly distributed model. I'm still trying to figure out how that Image server is really going to save that much time to put all the images on a different server. This is not fun when it comes to deployment although maybe it is optional.

      In this paper I thought it very odd they put the vbscript file in it for syncing up servers. I'm not sure what place that has in a white paper, maybe it's good for customers or support.

      In general it was a great paper and whoever writes the white papers knows how to crank them out. Give them a few extra shares for me.

      If there is one thing for sure is that when you see headline with the words "Challenges Microsoft" it will scare away investors, except those from the anti-Microsoft crowd, like Sun. Not a wise move to have that in print in this day and age.

      Portletmaster over and out. Time to hit the beach the IT babes are getting restless. :-)


    • I've been watching Goldman's action on PLUM. This is an inexperienced guy, who began to buy at $7 and got burned. When at 3 or under, he didn't get enough shares. So now he wants PLUM going slowly so he can grasp more shares along the way to $5. Can he? I doubt. Goldman will lose more money if the guy sells. Nobody else sells now. $3.4 will easily be broked through.