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  • thermo_bea thermo_bea Jul 14, 2003 12:54 AM Flag

    PLUM easy $9

    Easily $9 in the next year to year and a half. This is typical sell-off crap after a little "disappointment". Anyone who's built a real business (that would exclude the kids who work on Wall Street and make the reactionary comments on stocks) knows that earnings are rarely smooth and that ebb and flow of deals and expenses is natural and desirable. Wall Street will never get it and will always demand the impossible (that's the way they corner companies into unwise mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions).

    PLUM is doing well in its niche and continues to grow its business and secure its position. It will be a solid operation making solid profits in the near term. Long term, it makes sense as part of a larger operation and will part of one of the few acquisitions that make sense. Longs will get out with around $9/shr.

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    • I noticed BEA Systems started shipping their WebLogic platform 8.1 to rave revues. What effect if any will this have on Plum?


    • The recent ongoing tech implosion has halted enterprise procurement in its tracks for the most part.

      From 1997 to 2000 we were in the personalisation and ecommerce innovation phases but there was always both intranet and extranet applications in the background whenever a company embarked on a web based development.

      From 2000 onwards the term portal began to pick up steam and as you can see from Plumtree who in the global sense of the phrase, is just coming through final stages of "early adopter" uptake.

      The fact is that is doing rather well when compared with its peers. Its early adoption of web services and contiued ongoing gadget and API development will stand it in good stead.

      Enterprises are consolidating the multiple UI environments that consituents interact with and the portal with permission based direct API's into these apps is the only way to go!

      MySAP for all your needs, I don't think so! what about the supply chain management? the CRM? mySiebel or MyOracle or MyMicrosoft.... undoubtedly they would all love the largest share of the pie.

      You've probably never seen a PLUM deployment in action. Let alone the post implementation reviews and fine tuning. Poetry in motion!

    • You better clue in the people that run this company that this stock will be at $9 in 12-18 months. They are still foolishly selling thousands of shares at under $4. You obviously know something they don't. Maybe your $9 figure is in dog dollars. $9 !!!! What thin air did you grab that figure out of?

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      • Read it and weep Thermo.. this is "long term" conversation.... you day and swing traders are on a different plan. PLUM is THE only REAL portal player out there... and we're gonn aneed to beam you up cause these guys are light years ahead of the rest.

        Simply put they will continue to provide services with extremely low if not, non existant customer churn...

        And if that wasn't enough, if there was so much internal dissent, option share sales (no they've been forced) and general bail out why are they employees all staying put. Can't see many resignations....