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  • firefighterforu1967 firefighterforu1967 Sep 17, 2010 6:35 PM Flag

    Here is the Deal

    OK we have heard all kinds of ideas today. Well the facts are MANY here have talked about Rob being a Messiah, and the ultimate Company HE will build combining, UXG,Minny,and RBY, well... I have stated over and over I want NOTHING to do with 3rd world countries !!!.. Now Rob (who I feel is a great mind and respect tremendously) thanks to him I did well with GG, years ago, BUT one thing I learned is if things do not go his way, he picks up his bat and ball and goes home,ie, the failed lawsuit in GG and Glamis deal, Rob is like SO many ultra wealthy, they want total control !!! Well Rob is only a shareholder here and his real fiduciary duty is to his comps he runs, not to RBY, Vengold( watch out for him to bolt there one day) if he isnt running the show.Remember last November when we picked up 75 MILL, I mentioned then, that to me was the first crack with Rob and RBY, RBY did not offer the shares outright to Rob as I felt RBY did not want him having MORE power, IMO, ...Now we (RBY) are in play, Rob perhaps has brought up the marriage he and so many here have wanted, and perhaps David et al, wanted no part of 3rd world country silver and copper mines ( which I totally agree), well, Rob sells and walks and will use those proceeds to help his real comps, OK, so dont get on Rob too hard, he is rich and wants control, he has no control over any real gold comp., but a solid silver comp in UXG and Copper perhaps in Minny. GG NEM or others have perhaps sniffed around , Rob and the marriage is outright rebuffed and he walks, thats business,(Also remember this group that is handling the sale did 6.1 BILLION in recent times so they are not fools) ALL IMO and time will tell....PEACE ....Firefighter

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