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  • durban500 durban500 Nov 17, 2010 1:57 PM Flag

    16oz/ton and new subzone

    only 1 aligator in red lake

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    • AEM is decent size Aligator wouldn't you say? I figure they have a clue about RBY and their success just as GG does.

      What we should hope for is to light off a bidding contest. Maybe thats hoping for too much....

      One of these monsters will get RBY I think. The more RBY digs, the healthier the buyout price, so why not get it after the 43-101 of 2010, instead of the 43-101 of 2011, or 2012?

      Sinclair say "minimun" 1650/oz, Rodgers says $5000, so others $10,000...
      at $1650/oz, thats some decent cash flow in 2012 (x) 200,000 ounces...That kind of operations will get gobbled up

    • If it's true that GG is trying to supress the price we need retail buying to sweep all that away and upward. Hemlo happened a long time ago but I tripled my money in 5 weeks and then doubled it again in area plays over the rest of the year. We need a buying frenzy like that and then hopefully a major player like ABX to really upset the apple cart

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