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  • stockupkid stockupkid Apr 21, 2011 10:02 AM Flag

    Rob McEwen, WE MISS YOU, come


    This has been my hope, which got dashed to the ground, when he sold. RBY shareholders would have so much better off now. People got some type of idea and all. I've said all along, that it takes more than great just does. Don't get me wrong, because it takes great exploration skills to locate and all, but it takes money to ride the train and there is more involved with running a mining business, imo....imo. Mr. McEwen has YEARS of expertise in knowing what to do, and the time to reap benefits is coming and we are sitting like this.....dead in the water, so to speak. RBY trying to go it along is going to be a struggle, and I don't see how so many think we're going to fly off the stockcharts, in this type of predicament. Reality check.....all of us need a reality check. Mr. McEwen gave RBY integrity and people wanted to buy and knew Mr. McEwen's philosophy about shareholders. If RBY had of been offered a low price, then it would probably had made up for it by now. makes us get huge figures in our heads, and that's why I said yesterday.....penny wise and pound foolish. I don't know how to change my idea, because RBY is not communicating and letting the shareholders know any thing. I'm holding and hoping....for some thing.LOL.


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