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  • hailurban hailurban May 1, 2011 11:34 AM Flag

    Gold up $13 to $1550: RBY yawns

    It is not 1980. The markets for gold and silver are much different now. The 1980 move was basically a North American situation. The market in gold was very small. Today, it is truly a world wide market. Also the US was a much different economy, and was much stronger than today. The US was truly a world leader at that time. Those days are long gone.

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    • goldhunter1 May 1, 2011 12:12 PM Flag

      I think RBY held up well Friday.
      Over the past few months RBY is the first one to drop on a move down. But Friday she acted different. When GLD, GG, or NEM dropped a little RBY sat there not wanting to go down. Is there something coming our way? I don't know, but something changed Friday with RBY's price action, and will have to watch this to see if there is any follow through into next week.
      Keep the bigger picture in mind going forward, because it looks like gold has more to run. This run from 800 to 1500 was met with disbelief and top callers all the way up, but as this goes higher more people will see that us goldbugs were right about gold and silver. So now what do you think they are going to do this time, just sit back and watch another leg go higher without them getting on board?
      Here are some charts to look at, to keep an eye on where gold may be heading......

    • However, gold is still priced in US dollars and outer world (China) is still interested to have dollar high enough.

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